American introduces a new and improved Elite Rewards program for 2013

American Airlines 2013 Elite Rewards

American just introduced their 2013 Elite Rewards program for 2013 and for this year they’ve significantly improved the program. In previous years your Elite Reward was based on your year end total of Elite Qualifying Miles or Points, for 2013 your Elite Rewards are based on milestones:

Elite Rewards now offers four distinct milestones which are attainable throughout the year. The more you fly, the faster you’ll reach the next level where you can choose one reward from each milestone for which you qualify. That’s a total of up to four rewards. And now, you can qualify with elite-qualifying miles, points or segments.

Milestone 1: 40,000 miles or points | 45 segments
Milestone 2: 75,000 miles or points | 80 segments
Milestone 3: 125,000 miles or points | 130 segments
Milestone 4: 150,000 miles or points | 160 segment

The best part is that they’re cumulative and retroactive!

If you have already reached a milestone, look for your first reward notification email in May. Reward selection will continue through February 28, 2014.

You are welcome to one reward within each milestone for which you qualify.

We will email you as you achieve each new milestone, notifying you to choose your reward.

Our Elite Rewards program is cumulative, so if you’ve reached Milestone 2, you’ve also reached Milestone 1. The program is also retroactive, so as long as you register by December 31, 2013, you qualify for rewards since January 1, 2013.

To participate you have to register by December 31, 2013 and use registration code ELTA3.  Go here for complete details.


    • @ Jack – They tweak Elite Rewards each year, this is the biggest change they’ve made to the program. American’s goal is to keep customers loyal and flying AA, my guess is that they’ll look at the numbers to see if these changes are effective, and if so then we’ll see something similar for 2014. Thanks for the question and thanks for reading!

  1. This is going to make mileage running on American a much more reasonable idea as it will bring the CPM way down.

    • @ Benjamin – That’s a really good point. Definitely something to factor in when calculating CPM. Thanks for mentioning it!

  2. Sounds a lot like US Special Dividends program…. Rewards differ but concept, milestones and cumulative nature align

  3. Wow, as a ~65,000/year Platinum traveler this is definitely going to push me to go for 75,000 miles this year.

    So, 10 SWUs for all EXPs qualifying this year? Good stuff, AA.

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