Photos: The New 2013 ConciergeKey Welcome Kit

(Editor’s Note: Please sit back so that you don’t get any drool on your keyboard;)

American’s ConciergeKey is an invitation only premium service program designed to provide their VIP customers with concierge like assistance when they travel.

The qualifications for ConciergeKey are unpublished and it’s barely even mentioned at That’s probably why it has an almost mythical status.

Actually, I’d go so far as to say it has myth-like status to me: I’ve seen just as many unicorns as ConciergeKey cards.

Until now.

Here’s a photo of the new 2013 ConciergeKey Welcome Kit.  Sadly, it doesn’t belong to me.


ConciergeKey Welcome Kit


The other day, someone I know from Facebook mentioned that he received his new card and posted a photo.  I’ve never seen one and being an AA geek, I thought it was fascinating.  I figured you might be interested too and asked him if I could post his photo on the blog.  He said yes, and was kind enough to take some of the welcome kit too (thanks CG!).


ConciergeKey Welcome Kit 2

ConciergeKey Welcome Kit 3


A couple of new perks for this year are that it comes with complimentary Executive Platinum status and a membership to the Admirals Club.  And this year:

“you won’t need separate cards to be recognized for your AAdvantage Executive Platinum status and Admirals Club membership – for your convenience, your new ConciergeKey card is all you’ll need.”

Another new perk is the ConciergeKey luggage tag. It’s the ultimate tag to have hanging off your laptop bag during the AAdvantage Elite status boarding parade.


ConciergeKey Card and Tags


A couple of years ago I was traveling with my (then) 3 year old nephew and he fell asleep on the plane. He slept through the landing and I had to carry him off the plane.

He slept through the baggage claim process, slept in the cab, and didn’t wake up when we got home.

I remember thinking that it must be nice to be able to fall asleep on the plane and know that you’ll somehow end up in your own bed, and that the luggage and all the other details will all get worked out for you by other people.

I’m not sure that ConciergeKey is that good, but for an adult it’s probably as close as you’ll get!


    • @ Gary – Thanks for the correction!

      @ perryplatypus – Oh wow, now that the ULTIMATE AA card for the wallet!

      @ Mike – Ouch! Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  1. Pretty, shiny, me wanty! I have seen quite of few of these floating around at DFW. The one thing I have never seen is the golden unicorn of them all a Lifetime AA Pass! I wonder if Mark Cuban still carries his around with him?

  2. This really hurts.

    I just finished the long slow slide from EXP->PLT->GLD->Kettle. 🙁

    Thanks for sharing. That is really interesting!

  3. That is pretty awesome! I am a bit disappointed in you though. What kind of AAGeek are you if you do not have your own Concierge Key! Maybe the AA Twitter team could help you out! 🙂

  4. @ Michael W. Travels – I wish! As nice as they are, I think they’d still tell me that my best bet is to follow James’ advice and use Photoshop. 😉

  5. Hey, Concierge Key members wear their pants one leg at a time, too. Only, they’re Concierge Key and I’m not… 🙁

  6. Would it be possible to take a few photos of the inlets, let alone divulge some of the privileges?

  7. Once you have CK, is there anything you need to do in order to keep this membership? Or is it something that is always there?

    • @Benjamin – Great question. It’s not a lifetime status. It renews annually and they send out invitations each year. There’s no published criteria for how to get or keep CK status.

      I know someone who was CK in 2014 but reduced his travel last year and even though he achieved Executive Platinum again for 2015, his CK status was extended for another year.

      Thanks for reading!

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