American Airlines & US Airways: a few interesting items

American Airlines US Airways Press Conference

You’re probably tired of the merger topic by now, but I thought I’d share a few items that I thought were interesting.

From the Washington Post: Tom Horton and Doug Parker both wanted to run American Airlines; how 1 ultimately relented

“This is the story of how two old friends and former protégés of legendary American Airlines CEO Robert Crandall found themselves on opposite ends of what may be the last great airline merger in the U.S.

Horton and Parker declined to comment but interviews with executives, union officials, lawyers and others connected to the deal — agreed to late Wednesday — outline how it was filled with tactical negotiations, clandestine meetings and gut-wrenching decisions.

The prize: A chance to bring American back to its glory days.” Read more.

From the Charlotte Observer: Don’t know Doug Parker yet? You probably should

“A former executive who worked for Parker for several years at both America West and US Airways said he is generally an approachable leader. At US Airways’ Tempe headquarters, Parker plays fantasy football and baseball with other employees and walks to a nearby Five Guys burger restaurant for lunch.

“He’s hard to shake, he’s pretty even-keeled,” said the executive, who asked not to be named because he works for a rival airline. “I once saw him angry at a shareholder meeting when a shareholder was haranguing him. That was the only time I ever saw him mad.” Read more.

From AZ Central: America West Airlines: An era ends

“America West wasn’t mentioned in announcements of the merger, and its name didn’t come up at news conferences in Dallas or Phoenix. Beauvais, 76 and retired, watched the news on TV at home.

But the spunky, familylike airline that grew into a major carrier and a huge Arizona employer is an unmistakable part of the story. There would be no US Airways-American merger, at least in its current form, if it weren’t for America West. It was America West, under CEO Parker, who bought the larger US Airways out of bankruptcy court in 2005 to form the new US Airways, based at America West’s old Tempe headquarters.” Read more

From Flyertalk, member alhcfp writes:

“How Have Board Mergers Worked on FT?

I do not go off the AA board often.

As the merger happens, do we become one board, do we assimilate the U.S. Air board or do they eat us?

Do we stay separate? Do we continue to defend AA and bash US or do we reverse?

Inquiring minds want to know.”

I’ve wondered that myself.  Go here to learn the answer.


  1. Personally, I wish they would keep the old posts from the pre-merger as read only archival forums (no new posts) and have all new discussions in the merged airline forum. The United forum is a PITA to read with people still posting in the pre-merger forums.

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