Update: Use the American Airlines SXSW Discount Code and earn BusinessExtrAA Points

Saturday Morning In Austin

The other day I wrote about American being the Official Airline and a Super Sponsor at SXSW and I mentioned that they’re offering a discount code that’s good for 10% off on travel to Austin during festival. A reader wrote in to ask if using the discount code would preclude earning BusinessExtrAA points.

There have been some reports of people being denied BusinessExtrAA points when they used a discount code, while others have reported using a discount code and still receiving their points. The SXSW page at AA.com doesn’t mention it, so I reached out to Katy on the @AmericanAir team to ask for some clarification.

She confirmed that you can use the discount code and still receive your points. She also provided some clarification as to why discount codes might affect earning BusinessExtrAA points.

It turns out that discount codes are often the result of group discounts or negotiated rates, and that’s why sometimes using a code may not qualify for BusinessExtrAA points. It varies by group and by organization, but typically discount codes don’t allow for earning points.

The SXSW discount is an exception – so if you’re planning to go, you can save money and have your points too!

If you plan to be there for the first weekend of Interactive sessions, today is the last day to book your reservation and take advantage of 21 day advance purchase fares.  Use promo code 6533EH when making your reservation. Visit AA.com/SXSW for complete details.

Have a great weekend!

Photo: Saturday morning in Austin
Credit: Stuart Seeger on Flickr

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