Photo tour: American Airlines 777-300ER Main Cabin

I’ve already posted photos of the First Class and Business Class cabins from American’s new 777-300ER, so here now is a look at the Main Cabin.

Some stats:

30 Main Cabin Extra seats in a 3 x 4 3 configuration.
35″.0-37.0″ pitch
17″.0 width

214 standard economy seats in a 3 x 4 x 3 configuration.
31.0″ pitch
17.0″ width

Main Cabin Extra
Lots of extra room in the forward mini cabin.

American Airlines 777-300ER

American Airlines 777-300ER


Main Cabin


American Airlines 777-300ER

American Airlines 777-300ER main cabin seats


Main Cabin legroom
Seat pivots so that you slide under the seat in front of you rather than into the seatback. For economy, it’s not bad.

American Airlines 777-300ER legroom main cabin.


Seatback tray – partially extended.

American Airlines 777-300ER tray


Seatback tray – fully extended

American Airlines 777-300ER tray


Entertainment system
Nice screen size. More than 120 movies, 150 television programs, and 350 audio program available on demand. Video games, chat, or connect your own device and watch or listen to your own movies and music on the system.

American Airlines 777-300ER Entertainment System


More intuitive than the one on the 777-200

American Airlines 777-300ER Entertainment System


Standard AC outlet at every seat

American Airlines 777-300ER AC outlet


USB and Audio Video Ports.
Motion sensitive panel illuminates USB and Audio/Video ports when it detects motion near the screen.


Main Cabin Lavatory
Not quite as nice at the premium cabin bathroom, but at least it doesn’t have a push button faucet: I’ve never mastered washing my hands while pushing the buttons at the same time!

American Airlines 777-300ER lavatory


View of the Main Cabin

Curved luggage bins and lighting make it look large and roomy.

American Airlines 777-300ER Main Cabin

American Airlines 777-300ER


Mirrored Luggage Bin
The overhead luggage bin has a mirror to help you see inside so that you don’t leave anything behind. Just another example of the thoughtful design decisions that American made with the 777-300ER.

American Airlines 777-300ER


  1. Thanks for the sneak peak. Wish they were flying these to Asia though.

    Few comments, wish they used some lighter fabric, the navy is drab and it really looks like cx cabin from many years ago, including remote.
    Everyone else has moved to touch screen already.but a step forward for aa nonetheless

  2. I like the remote. Even though touchscreen mobile phones and pads are prolific, too many people have yet to understand that it’s a “touch” screen, not a “slam-your-finger-into-the-back-of-my-skull” screen. Thanks for the pictures.

  3. I think the MCE section is actually 3-3-3, main cabin is 3-4-3. I think both of your MC photos are actually MCE. They both show the 3 seats in the center. I’m on a 777-200 tonight LAX-LHR. The bumped me to 1st! Sweet. Thank You very much for the photos!

    • @ Dave – You’re right, I didn’t catch that until you pointed it out.

      Woo hoo!! Enjoy the bump up to first! In addition to the upgraded meal service, I heard a rumor that they just introduced new glassware last week. Let me know if it’s true. Enjoy the trip and safe travels!!

  4. 7? 7? oh lord help any of us that loose those biz seats, I will never work where I am booked in AA economy, I dont care how much leg room is in main cabin extra! IF they ever forced me into 7 across, I will leave that job!!

  5. My wife is traveling from ORD to LHR this Sunday (April 7). I am trying to figure out if she is going to be on one of the new plans or an older one. The reservation states it’s a 777. The picture in this post (and others) seem to show the new plans are called 77W? Is there hope or is she definitely on an old plane? Thank you.

  6. Hi
    Thanks for this article. Going from ORD to LHR on the day flight; Business Class is 110M miles each( wife and myself ). I can get 3 seats in MCE for 60M (3 seats across for 2 people). Its about an 7 hour flight, based on the new MCE it looks like it might be a pleasant flight. What do you think ? Thats quite a savings(220M miles versus 60M)

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