Photo: Three Generations of the American Airlines Livery

American was hosting an event at DFW yesterday to show off a new Boeing 737-800 that’s been freshly-painted with their new livery. The @AmericanAir team was kind enough to let me stick around after the festivities so that I could photograph three generations of American’s livery when their Boeing 737 with the classic Astrojet livery arrived a little later and parked at the gate next to the new plane.

It wasn’t just luck that all three planes ended up parked next to each other: American had arranged to have a photographer on hand to photograph the planes. I was able to go out on the observation deck of the American Airlines control tower and take some photos (I could have stayed out on the deck watching the planes for hours!).

Anyway, I took a couple of photos that I thought were interesting (click to see a much larger version in a new browser window).


Three Generations of the American Airlines Livery

American Airlines Livery and Flag


Thanks to Steph, Annette, Amy and the whole @AmericanAir team for their hospitality!


  1. I’ve seen the Astrojet several times at O’hare and I have to say i agree with Matt. I like it the best. 😉

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