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Zoltar Speaks

There hasn’t be a lot of American Airlines related news so far in 2013, though rather than it being a slow start to the new year, it feels more like the calm before the storm.

Of course AA hasn’t been out of the headlines entirely: AMR’s stock was up yesterday, they announced a new codeshare agreement with Qatar Airways, and after announcing last year that they’d would be winding down their Caribbean connections out of San Juan, they finally made it official.

But all these items are really kind of small news compared to what’s ahead.  I’m sure the next few weeks will be interesting.

Even the Amazing Kreskin is predicting big things for American in 2013, he thinks AA will be very profitable.

What he hasn’t predicted is when the new livery will be unveiled, or whether the merger with US Airways will happen. Though I suspect we’ll see these topics in the headlines soon.

American’s Board of Directors met yesterday to take up the subject of a merger. So far, there’s been very little said about what happened at the meeting.

The Alllied Pilots Association posted this update for their members:

AMR Board meeting update
posted on January 09, 2013 17:55

AMR BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING UPDATE: As widely reported by the news media, the AMR Board of Directors met as scheduled today. In light of the recently concluded memorandum of understanding negotiations between APA, AMR, US Airways and the US Airline Pilots Association on behalf of US Airways’ pilots, there has been some speculation that an announcement regarding a potential merger between the two carriers would be forthcoming in connection with the board meeting. No such announcement was made today.

American declined to comment other than to say “we expect to bring this to a conclusion within a matter of weeks.

I haven’t written much about  a possible merger because it’s always seemed like something that might happen way off in the distant future.   And until American worked their way through the restructuring process, the situation seemed too fluid make any predictions.

I guess that distant future has arrived.

So let me ask you this: would you vote for a merger?

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  1. I would be in favour of a merger if the miles come as easy as US Airways makes it to get, and be able to redeem them on EY/CX/QR.

  2. Probably the best use of AA miles – QR, EY and CX. Downside is that AA doesn’t allow N.A.-Europe-EastAsia routings, thus significantly limiting the opportunities to redeem for these.

  3. I would oppose a merger if Dougie and his cronies are going to be running the combined airline. Otherwise, I’m indifferent. I don’t approve of Dougie’s childlike whining and drooling that began almost immediately after AA filed for bankruptcy, nor am I enamored with the possibility that AA’s militant unions, blinded by their irrational hatred for current management, will get rewarded for their childlike behavior.

  4. Surprised, Doug Parker can’t put 2 dinky airlines together. He wouldn’t confront the kids at AWE and tell them he wanted more experience in his cockpits. Why would the APA have any faith in him. He and his little league team are inept, not to mention his DUI’s and Kirby’s womanizing.
    Horton is at lease an airline guy!!!

    AMR doesn’t need US scare!

  5. Moderation, what is wrong with the truth. AWE is America West and the pilots there have been holding up a merger with unreasonable expectations. Doug Parker has chosen to placate them with low wages (LCC) low cost carrier. Does the traveling public want a sub-standard AA in a World wide system??????

    And, yes Parker has a history of DUI’s……..

  6. When I posted message #1, I received a note that “your comment is awaiting moderation”!
    That’s why my second message was posted…..

  7. AA will become a low cost carrier if Dougie runs it. Lets try to keep as many of our legacy carriers as possible. Competition is good for the consumer. The airlines can determine the model that works best besides oligopolistic pricing

    • @ Mike t – I don’t censor comments. WordPress doesn’t always send out a notification, so sometimes I have comments in the queue and I’m unaware until I go and check.

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