Photos of the new American Airlines Boeing 777-300ER First Class Cabin

AA flight 9703

American will be taking delivery of their first 777-300ER today, it’s scheduled to land at DFW later this afternoon. Until now, all we’ve seen are renderings of the aircraft interior. ¬†Finally, we have a few photos of the real First Class cabin! (Thanks to Will F for sharing!)

First Class Seat

American Airlines 777-300ER


First Class Cabin Mood Lighting

American Airlines 777-300ER


First/Business Class Self Serve Bar

American Airlines 777-300ER


  1. Life is really fair. For the excellent 1-2-1 J product that AA installed (same as CX/BR), they’ve decided to follow EK/NZ/AF and cram 10 in a row in the back.

  2. First class seat doesn’t become a flat bed? Really? It’s really shocking. Other airlines have seats that become a flat bed even for business class…

  3. @ Matt – The photo is a little misleading in that the seat isn’t fully reclined, but both First and Business have fully, lie-flat seats.

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