American offering bonus AAdvantage Miles for donations to the Red Cross

Hurricane Sandy: Construction Site's Wall Collapses 01

American is offering AAdvantage members a chance to help people affected by Hurricane Sandy, and to earn some extra miles, by supporting relief efforts with a donation to the American Red Cross:

“With the extensive damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, help is urgently needed,” said Bernie Willett, American’s Director – Community Programs.  “We invite our customers to join us in supporting the American Red Cross to provide much-needed assistance to the victims of this superstorm.”

Through Nov. 30, 2012, AAdvantage members will earn a one-time award of 250 AAdvantage miles for a minimum donation of $50, or 500 AAdvantage miles for a donation of $100 or more to American Red Cross Disaster Relief.

For more information or to make a donation, you can visit the American Red Cross page at

Photo: Hurricane Sandy: Construction Site’s Wall Collapses
Credit: Paul Lowry on Flickr


  1. It’s not just the 500 bonus miles (for a $100 donation), but also AA will match the contribution. That’s a lot of incentive. Especially since my own company will match, so for $100 of my money (~$70 after tax deduction), the Red Cross gets $300 and I get 500 miles.

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