SpeculAAtion: Did you read these latest American Airlines Rumors?

There are some new rumors making the rounds in the forums about American Airlines CEO Tom Horton making a big announcement tomorrow in New York: possibly new routes, perhaps a new elite tier, maybe branding or livery news, or something related to mergers/a tie-up/or partnership.

What makes these rumors interesting is that JonNYC of the Traveling Better forums believes some of it might be credible.

Go here to the Traveling Better forums to read the rumors yourself.


  1. New amenity kits, sure. Focus on wine, sure.

    They will not announce that they’re going to have a view on a merger by Thanksgiving.

    They will not announce something like increased codesharing while they’re negotiating with their pilots.

    It wouldn’t be the CEO who announces a new 75k elite tier, if that’s something in the works.

    Of course writing all of this down I could be proven wrong, but many of the rumors of what will be announced in New York today just don’t make sense.

  2. @ Gary thanks for the analysis.

    @ John777 – Not yet. If it doesn’t happen by 3PM Eastern, I’d say it’s not going to happen today.

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