Closing Soon: The Bogota Admirals Club

(BOG) Admirals Club 70th Birthday

The Bogota Admirals Club will soon join the list of American Airlines lounges closed this year. From the AA website:

As we move our operations to the new international terminal, the Bogotá Admirals Club will permanently close its doors on October 18, 2012.

While there will be no lounge access available for Admirals Club members and oneworld qualifying guests for a period of time, we are excited to announce that Admirals Club members and their guests plus oneworld qualifying guests will enjoy access to a new LAN lounge when it opens in spring 2013.

Earlier this year the Admirals Clubs in four other airport were closed: Panama City, Washington Dulles, Kansas City, and Santo Domingo.

The closing of the Bogota club brings the total number of locations down to 28 domestic and 9 international.

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Photo: Bogota, Columbia Admirals Club
Credit: American Airlines on Flickr


  1. I bet more closures are on the way. I would bet St. Louis will close soon with the small number of flights here.

  2. Sad. I’ve visited that lounge only once, but it sticks in my memory as one of their better ones. The food and beverage service was average at best, but the facilities were spotlessly clean and far more comfortable that most. How does one properly express such a vauge measurement? It was warm and comforting and a ver pleasant experience.
    In the end, there are fewer lounges and the services are being cut. FF plans are on the decline; benefits are being yanked and the real-world costs are increasing. In another five years, genuine Frequent Flyers – those that endure the Butt-in-seat miles will be forgotten territory for most airlines. I’m close to retiring from the rat race, so I don’t much care. For the younger folks who will continue to travel, your road will have a few more bumps.

  3. @ DaninSTL – I’m afraid you’re probably right. Not just about St. Louis, but about other locations too.

    @ Cook – I never had the chance to visit he Bogota AC, but I know how it is to have a soft spot for a particular club. I feel much the same way about the SFO club.

    You bring up a great point about the future of business travel. It’s a scary thought, but in another 10 years we’ll probably look back at these times and call them the “Golden Age”.

  4. @aadvantagegeek – For me, the “Golden Age” ended when Pan Am stopped flying. Unfortunately, that was a long time ago; meanwhile, I have had to endure the likes of UA & AA. What’s next, Spirit / Frontier / Ryanair?

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