Reader Poll: Because of the pilot slowdown, will we see a return of Double Elite Qualifying Miles?

I think that one thing most people can agree on is that the AA pilot slowdown is bad for everybody: the company, management, pilots and their coworkers, creditors, and passengers.

I read a thread on Milepoint that was started by a member who’s planning a cruise a little later this year. He asked whether or not he should have a backup plan in the event that the pilot slowdown continues. A few people suggested that he he might be wise to consider booking a ticket on anther airline. So that got me to thinking….

Now I feel a little guilty for bringing this up, sort of like I’m looking for an upside to someone else’s misery,  but because of the pilot situation, I was wondering if American will bring back a system-wide, Double Elite Qualifying Miles offer , similar to the one that they offered at the end of last year.

So I decided to put up a poll to see what readers think.


Do you think we'll see a fourth quarter Double Elite Qualifying Miles promotion?

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  1. Usually I hate that promo because it waters down EXP status. But this year, I won’t make it without some mileage runs so for once I hope they do it.

  2. They really shouldn’t.

    With the double (and triple) EQMs people earned at the beginning of the year, as well as generous status matches from other airlines, the elite pool is becoming more and more diluted.

  3. I find it amusing when people talk about dilution of EXP, to this day I have not missed an upgrade.

    I would be highly surprised if they don’t do some form of Double or Triple EQM, it will for sure be targeted to certain routes, etc, not system wide.

  4. After an almost 100% upgrade success rate in 2011, I’ve been running 70% in 2012. My experience is that the top status has been diluted and a double elite miles promo would further that.

    I also missed some important meetings in the last 2 weeks due to the slowdown. Having already requalified for ExecPlat, I’ve booked the next 4 weeks on Southwest until this thing blows over.

    It made me sad to do it.

  5. I don’t think it will matter in the short run until after any possible merger but the health of AA is at stake. They just announced a layoff of 200 to 250 people at Lambert STL airport. I didn’t think they had that many people even left at this former hub. Shocking.

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