American Airlines shares some photos of their new 777-300ER

Boeing 777

American is set to take delivery of a new Boeing 777-300ER soon and it’s set to go into service December 13 between DFW and Sao Paulo.

These new planes will feature redesigned cabins, fully lie-flat First and Business class seats with aisle access from every seat, and international wi-fi capability.

The @AmericanAir team posted a couple of photos on Facebook of their new 777-300ER as it’s being assembled at the Boeing factory in Everett, WA.  Here’s the caption:

In less than a month, Boeing has made great progress on our 1st 777-300.

I started wondering how long it takes to make a 777. Turns out, not very long. From David Parker Brown at

From first part to out of the Boeing factory in Everett: 49 days
Time in the paint booth: 4 additional days
Flights and testing: About 30 additional days
Total from first part to delivery: About 83 days — less than three months.

So if we figure 49 days in the factory, and it’s been about a month so far, then it should roll of the line in about three more weeks.  I’m not sure where it goes after that, or when it’s going to be fitted with the new cabin, but I can’t wait to see THOSE photos!

Photo: American Airlines 777-200
Credit: Roger Schultz on Flickr

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