Looking at the latest American Airlines Domestic Widebody Schedule

Boeing 777 cockpit, note software update in progress...

Here’s a look at the latest American Airlines domestic widebody schedule. Just a few changes from the previous one:

• The 767-300 to/from Dallas and San Francisco is back

• The 767-300 to/from Chicago and Honolulu has been discontinued

• A 767-300 has been added to/from Los Angeles and Miami

The 767 service between Los Angeles and Miami is in addition to the two 777-200s flights that already operate from each city to the other. The route between LAX and MIA continues to be the only one that offers domestic 777 service.

The new schedule is in effect from now through November 14, 2012.

Photo: Boeing 777 cockpit, note software update in progress…
Credit: Bill Abbott on Flickr.


  1. @ mangoMan – Thanks for the info. I missed that when I compared the new schedule against the last one. I don’t often travel SFO to JFK, but I take AA17 JFK to SFO from time to time.

    AA17 is my preferred flight. It’s leaves late enough that you can have a full day working in NYC, relax on the plane with dinner and a movie, and arrive in SFO early enough that you can that can get to the hotel at a decent hour. Sorry to see it off the schedule.

    Thanks again for the info!

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