American is now offering Flagship Check-in service at MIA

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Miami just became the second U.S airport to get Flagship Check-in service. Flagship Check-in offers certain premium customers an upscale check-in experience which is more like checking in at a boutique hotel than at an airport counter. It also offers these benefits (from

• Customer service representatives who can personally assist with your individual travel requirements – from check-in and baggage check to seat or itinerary changes as well as dedicated self-service kiosks

• A designated premium security line, offering you expedited access through security checkpoints

Flagship Check-in is offered to:

• A Five Star Service customer

• A ConciergeKey member

• Traveling First Class onboard an international American or select oneworld alliance carrier anywhere in your outbound itinerary

• Traveling First Class onboard an American three-class transcontinental aircraft between MIA and LAX, and from LAX to JFK

Miami is the second U.S. location to get Flagship Check-in service. American started offering it at LAX late last year and it’s been available at London Heathrow since early 2011.

American’s website also mentions that “Flagship Check-in service is also coming to other airports across our network throughout 2012”.

Anybody think that JFK will be next?

Photo: American Airlines 737-800 at Miami
Credit: Zach Marshall on Flickr



  1. My money is on JFK, then DFW, then ORD. Not surprised MIA was after LAX. MIA is the gateway to AA’s most profitably region and will be key to recovering from Chp 11.

  2. @ Mike – I would have thought that JFK would have been first, but with their new 777-300ERs going into service on routes between Miami and South America, I guess they figured Miami might benefit the most.

    Besides, with TSA Pre-check and the premium check-in area at JFK, it’s already pretty easy to get from the counter to the gate.

    @ RTC – They move you to the front of the line, but there is no friendly alternative to the security dragons at MIA. 😉

  3. @ David – I figured that since ORD and JFK were more competitive markets the would get it first, but you make a good point about MIA being key to AA’s restructuring strategy. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  4. I agree with David. No experience can be First Class with the hordes of “baggage Nazis” American employs at multiple checkpoints to hassle travellers. “I don’t care if you’re First Class and if your carry-on is legal, you have to put it in the baggage sizer,” said my second baggage policewoman in the process of boading my flight last month. Just awful.

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