1. I think the polished aluminum is classic and was ahead of its time. However, after seeing what Apple has done with brushed aluminum I often wonder how that would look on AA aircraft.

  2. I’m okay with a re-branding, but keep the unpainted aircraft. It’s too cool. It evokes a bit of Delorean in me.

    I will admit to feeling a bit cautious flying a plane carrying the word “American” and red, white and blue- following 9/11. Perhaps a more global branding while maintaining the unpainted metal feel would be actually quite refreshing.

  3. Don’t mess with the AA logo with the Eagle, you can tell it apart from any other brand going back to the 1930s

  4. My issue is that many of the planes look really bad. The brushed metal looks incredible when its new, better than paint. BUT when its old, it looks way worse.

    From what I understand the 787 cannot be brushed metal due to the high amount of CFRP. I think the planes should be uniform. I’m ok with gray, but consistency is key!

  5. Please not another all white plane with a dull logo and font – we’ve seen enough of these lately, no?

  6. I think the planes are in desperate need of a livery update. Whenever I go take photos at LAX I can’t help but think how outdated the plain aluminum exterior looks. But I agree with Stephan above, please do not simply paint them white with a logo. If they are going to update the livery they need to make it look unique. Also, with the 787 coming they are going to have to update it unless they want the 787s looking different from the rest of their planes.

  7. I don’t really care what the outside of the plane looks like. Make the seats better or something useful like that with this money.

  8. Justin and Noah are right on target regarding the 787. While current aircraft are metallic and shiny when they leave the plant, the 787 without paint is black due to its carbon fiber body. I suspect whatever design they come up with for that aircraft will slowly spread to the rest of the fleet.

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