Website test? briefly displayed South America AAdvantage Awards for 8,500 miles

Salhia - Digbeth - There's a Rumour ...

Here’s a little interesting speculation: last night was displaying one-way “Economy MileSAAver Special” awards for 8,500 AAdvantage Miles. That’s more than 40% off the usual 15,000 mile Economy MileSAAver Off Peak award.

I found out when travel and music blogger (and fellow AAdvantage fAAn), HouseofV sent me a tweet.  I was able to find Economy MileSAAver Special awards from DFW to Lima, but when I tried to make a reservation  it booked at 15,000 miles, so my guess is that it was probably a test or a glitch of some kind.

Not sure if it means anything….but it’s fun to speculAAte.

Go here to read HouseofV’s post, he’s even got screenshots.

Photo: Salhia – Digbeth – There’s a Rumour …
Credit: Elliott Brown on Flickr


  1. Has there ever been a “MilesAAver Special” category before? That’s the most interesting part. I’d bet some website developer put it live by accident.

    Maybe wishful thinking but sure would be great to see an occasional special rate cut. UACO has done it occasionally – I think about a year ago last I recall, with several city pairs at reduced mileage rates for a limited time – so it’s not outside the realm of possibility for AA to consider something similar.

  2. @ Zach @ IPBrian @ Up&Away – If it turns out to be more than a website mistake, look for me to be in the boarding line too when you leave for your South American vacation! 🙂

    @ PanAm – Great question, I looked last night and from what I could find, the only time the ever offered a “Economy MileSAAver Special” was when they celebrated their 30th Anniversary with the 30% off AAdvantage Awards.

    As you said, it’s not “outside the realm of possibility”…I’m crossing my fingers!

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