An American Airlines fare sale that’s worth noting

I always have some business or vacation travel on the planning calendar, so I use fare alerts and Kayak price tracking to keep me from missing out on a fare sale to one of the destinations on my watch list.

So when I get the weekly American Airlines Net Saver email, I almost always glance at prices, but unless there’s just some stupid cheap price to someplace I’d like to visit, I don’t pay that much attention. 

Every summer I escape from the Texas heat by fleeing to Montreal. I’ve been hoping for some decent fares during August but haven’t seen anything arrive in my inbox, so I went online to to look at fare sales.

And while I still can’t find a decent fare to Montreal, the rest of the world in on sale.

Europe.  Central American.  South America.  First Class.  Business Class.  Coach.  The last time I saw fares this low was back in the early days of the recession in 2008 and 2009.

Anyway, I don’t write about fare sales very often, but I thought that these were worth mentioning.

South America – Business Class Flight Deals

If you’re planning to visit South America or you’re participating in an Elite Status Challenge, here are some really great prices on business class fare to the region:

American Airlines is offering discount Business Class airfare to Buenos Aires, Argentina and Belo Horizonte, Brazil now at Purchase your tickets on by February 16, 2012. Begin travel by February 25, 2012. All travel must be complete by February 29, 2012.

For example, you can buy a round-trip ticket from Dallas or Los Angeles to Buenos Aires for less that $4,000. That’s about $3,000 less than the usual fare.   The sale ends today, go here for more info.

Europe Flight Deals

If you’re thinking about taking a spring break in Europe, here are some unusually cheap fares. While it’s often easy to find a decent price on flights to London, this sale offers the most number of cities I’ve seen in a while.

Immerse yourself in history with a European vacation. Stroll down ancient cobblestone streets, shop the finest boutiques and explore countless museums. Find special prices from American Airlines to Europe on Purchase your flight by March 8, 2012, , and begin travel by April 1, 2012, to save. All travel needs to be complete September 26, 2012.

Go here for more info.

Flight Deals to and from Miami

If you wanting to visit Miami, or you looking for some mileage run opportunities, take a look at these two sales:

Main cabin

American Airlines announces great flight deals for travel between Miami and select U.S. cities. You must purchase your tickets by February 28, 2012, to save! Travel is valid for these sale prices through June 12, 2012.

First Class

American Airlines is offering discount First Class airfare between Miama and select U.S. cities now at Purchase your tickets on by February 28, 2012 for travel through June 12, 2012.

Here are some sample fares:

Boston – Miami $127 each way
Newark – Miami $100 each way
San Francisco – Miami $181 each way
Dallas – Miami $140 each way

First Class
JFK – Miami $538 each way
Washington Dulles – Miami $622 each way.

Go here to look at coach fares and go here to view first class prices.


    • @ ORD-TGU – Thanks, I’ll look into it!! I may just become an Avios Geek 🙂

      @ john simpson – I don’t know if they’re trying to generate cash during their reorganization, or keep customers from flying competitors, but these are some pretty low fares.

      I’m sure they have offered lower fares at one time or another to each of the cities, but I haven’t seen them offer fares this low to so many cities since late Spring 2009. Especially from some of the less competitive markets like DFW.

      Thanks for the comment!

  1. Remember that DynamicAir awards are based on the fare, so this also means that DA awards have reduced in the number of miles required and may actually be lower than sAAver awards, and much more available. Worth checking out if you don’t mind spending your miles on coach travel (the heresy!).

  2. American published gares are wayyyyyyyyyy expensive. I have flown TPA-MIA-SFO one way for $119 that was last December 2011

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