American Airlines adds more widebody aircraft to their domestic schedule

American 767 on a murky day

I’m traveling this week and missed posting the results of Monday’s random drawing. So to start today’s post, Congratulations to worldtraveller2: you’re the winner of the new Marcus Samuelsson spiced nut mix!

Results of Feb. 7 random drawing

Because more than 200 American Airlines pilots decided to retire during the 4th quarter of last year, American had to reduce the number of widebody 767 and 777 aircraft on their domestic schedule.

Well, it looks like they’re bringing them back. Here’s a look at the widebody flights (all 767s) that were added to the schedule:

Dallas- Ft. Worth

Date From To Flight Frequency
2/9/12 DFW LAX 2431 1234567
2/9/12 DFW LAX 2439 12345..
2/9/12 DFW SFO 1937 1234567

New York JFK

Date From To Flight Frequency
2/9/12 JFK LAX 1 1234567

Los Angeles

Date From To Flight Frequency
2/9/12 LAX BOS 222 1234567

2/9/12 LAX DFW 2414 12345..
2/9/12 LAX DFW 2416 1234567

3/11/12 LAX HNL 287 1234567

2/9/12 LAX OGG 161 1234567
2/9/12 LAX OGG 253 1234567

Kahului Airport, Maui

Date From To Flight Frequency
2/9/12 OGG LAX 14 1234567
2/9/12 OGG LAX 254 1234567

San Francisco

Date From To Flight Frequency
2/9/12 SFO DFW 414 1234567

There were also some routes that saw a reduction in widebody service: Chicago and Miami each lost two flights from one to the other.

I was hoping they’d bring back the widebody service between Chicago and Dallas, that was one of my favorite flights.

American used to fly a Boeing 777 with a 3 class configuration that was sold as a two class configured flight. It was still standard coach service in the business class cabin, but AAdvantage members with elite status were able to reserve the roomier seats.

Anyway, go here to see a copy of the complete domestic widebody schedule.

Photo: American 767 on a murky day SFO airport
Credit: Bill Abbott on Flickr


    • Hi Gene, thanks for asking. I forgot to mention that one important detail! All the new wide body flights are 767s.

  1. I also miss the triple 7 route between DFW/ORD. I used to take advantage of that flight and change my meeting schedules just to have the two hours up front. I know it sounds ridiculous, but since I rarely fly internationally, there really wasn’t much other opportunity for me to enjoy that aircraft.

    • @ Philphactor – I have to confess that I also organized my schedule so that I could take the 777 back to Dallas. I never used an upgrade, now I wish that I had.

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. This is great info, thanks for posting. We’re flying OGG-LAX-ORD in April and it might be a little more comfortable in a 767. Any ideas when this will show up on the AA website or allow AA agents to do a seat change?

  3. @ Bothofus2 – The equipment schedule is good for 60 days out, so I imagine that once your travel date falls inside that 60 day window that you’ll be able to make your seat change.

    Thanks for your comment!

  4. I just took another look at the complete schedule you posted and realized the end date for the widebody switch is published as April 2, 2012. Unfortunately we are traveling later in April. I’m hopeful they keep the 767’s flying OGG-LAX after April 2 so I can take aadvantage of it on my trip!

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