American Airlines management meets with unions today to present a business plan

Daily News

This is a big local news story here in Dallas (and in Tulsa, where American employs almost 7,000 people), but if you live outside the area it may not have come to your attention yet:  American’s management team is meeting this morning with union representatives from the Allied Pilots Association, the Association of Professional Flight Attendants, and the Transport Workers Union.

Executives and company negotiators are expected to outline their proposals for new labor agreements, which will probably include layoffs and perhaps the closure of one of their three maintenance facilites.

Terry Maxon is a reporter for the Dallas Morning News and their Airline Biz Blog.   He’s done an amazing job of covering American’s reorganization and here’s what he expects management to reveal in the meetings.

Photo: Daily News
Credit: Seth Anderson on Flickr


  1. I’m wondering a few things after reading that, that I don’t have much perspective on. If they’re just canceling pensions (rather than phasing them out for future years and for future new employees), that’s pretty rough. Also, how do the amount that their pilots fly compare to the industry? if they fly less on average, can’t say I feel that sorry for them, but if they’ll be flying more than industry average, then that sucks…

    Anyway, this is cool to read, I’m planing to post a link to it when I have a chance 🙂

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