oneworld MegaDo update: Would you like to have dinner with the President (of AAdvantage)

There are two weeks left until the first ever oneworld MegaDo takes off. It’s shaping up to be a really exciting event and there are some new announcements that promise make it even more fun.

Randy Petersen is a passionate supporter of the Komen Foundation, and last week he posted the news to the official oneworld MegaDo blog that some cool fund raising events had been added to the schedule.

milepoint and American Airlines have partnered to sponsor three auctions with the winners receiving some amazing, once in a lifetime experiences and the proceeds going to benefit Komen for the Cure.

Dinner with the President (of AAdvantage)

From the MegaDo blog:

Now you have a chance to bid on a chance to dine at 33,000 feet with the new President of the American AAdvantage program, Suzanne Rubin.

Some more details from the milepoint forum:

REMINDER: You MUST be ticketed on the charter and/or TATL block to participate in this event.

This is definitely a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. ALL proceeds of the auction will go to benefit Komen.

Again, no firm time on the end of this auction, but it will be open until at least Thursday, January 19th.

Suzanne Rubin replaced Maya Leibman who was recently promoted to Chief Information Officer at American Airlines.  According to a post in the forum for this auction, Maya will dropping in on MegaDo participants at some point during the DFW portion.

Bidding is up to $500. So if you’re MegaDo participant and want a chance to share some ideas with the Commander in Chief of Travel Awards, this is your opportunity.

Go here for more info or to place your bid.

Boeing 737 Flight Simulator

If you ever wanted to play pilot, here’s your chance. From Randy’s post on the MegaDo blog:

You get a chance for one hour in “the machine” with 40 minutes of observing your fellow pilots stray off course and then 20 minutes of your very own 737 time.

Some details from the auction forum on milepoint:

We have 24 slots to pilot a simulator in DFW. Here are the details:

• DISCLAIMER: You MUST be ticketed on the charter to be part of this experience.
• 4 groups of 6 people, starting at 7:30 am.
• Each winning bidder will get 20 minutes of time in the pilot seat, and 40 minutes of observation.
• All slots are in the 737 simulator.
• All proceeds will go to Komen.
• This auction will terminate at 11:59PM EST on Tuesday, January 10th unless AA gives us more time (which is unlikely).

There are still some slots left, so go here to place your bid before it’s too late.

C.R. Smith Flight Academy Water Evacuation Drill

It’s too late to bid on this, but it was a very popular fundraiser.  If I had to choose between the flight sim or the water evacuation, I’d pick the evacuation drill.   Besides, you never know when the experience might come in handy, and in the event of an emergency (think Airport) my time in the flight sim isn’t going to help me or anyone else.  From the MegaDo blog:

You’ve heard these instructions hundreds of times: “Pull the loose strap until the vest fits snugly. As you leave the aircraft, inflate the vest by pulling down firmly on the red tabs.”

All 40 slots were auctioned off and more than $4,000 was raised for Komen for the Cure.

I had already planned my winter break before the oneworld MegaDo dates were announced, so I’ll be sitting on the beach following events on some of my favorite blogs:

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Even if you’re not going, you can still get some schwag. To celebrate the inaugural oneworld MegaDo, during the week of January 23 -27, I’ll be giving away some neat stuff including one of the new American Airlines Eames Office design amenity kits to help keep the winner Flagship comfortable the next time they sit in coach.


    • @ Michael W – Congratulations! Keep reading. I’ve got some cool stuff including something your little future frequent flyer will enjoy!

    • @ Mark – Thanks for letting me know. Are you going to be participating in the transatlantic portion of the MegaDo?

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