Didn’t re-qualify for Elite Status? Save your perks: 2012 AAdvantage Elite Buy Back offer

If you currently have AAdvantage elite status but have failed to re-qulify for next year, don’t give up hope: you won’t necessarily have to give up the baked on board cookies and first class upgrades. American has just announced their 2012 AAdvantage Elite buy back offer that will extend your status through 2013:

An Exclusive Offer for AAdvantage Elite Status Members

Take action to maintain your AAdvantage Platinum or AAdvantage Gold Status through February, 2013!

Having AAdvantage Platinum or AAdvantage Gold status offers special benefits that can make all the difference to frequent travelers when they fly. To help make sure loyal elite status members don’t miss out on another year of valuable benefits, American Airlines is offering a special opportunity for members who do not prequalify for 2012.

Enjoy another full year of elite status by renewing your AAdvantage Platinum or AAdvantage Gold membership for a one-time charge, extending your status through February 28, 2013.

Two-Tiered Pricing
Members who have made more progress toward elite status requalification during 2011 will benefit from lower prices to extend their status. AAdvantage Platinum members who earn at least 40,000 elite qualifying miles or points (or 48 qualifying segments), and AAdvantage Gold members who earn at least 20,000 elite qualifying miles or points (or 24 qualifying segments) during 2011 qualify for lower prices.

AAdvantage Platinum
40,000 Miles or Points or 48 Segments $619
Less than 40,000 Miles and Points and less than 48 Segments $769

AAdvantage Gold
20,000 Miles or Points or 24 Segments $409
Less than 20,000 Miles and Points and less than 24 Segments $559

To participate in this offer, you must be a current AAdvantage member with Gold or Platinum status and you have to have flown at least two elite qualifying segments during 2011.

It’s still too early to sign up:

How to Accept the Offer
The opportunity to renew AAdvantage Platinum and AAdvantage Gold membership will be available from January 26, 2012, through April 30, 2012 Effective January 26, 2012, eligible AAdvantage members will have access to a dedicated website that will provide detailed instructions on how to renew their AAdvantage elite status.

Something to keep in mind though, American is offering Double Elite Qualifying Miles though the end of January and Triple Elite Miles in some markets (Texas, California, and Illinois residents), so depending upon how many miles you need, a cheap mileage run or two might be a good idea.

For complete details about the 2012 AAdvantage Elite Buy Back program, go here.


    • Hi Mike,

      I’m glad you asked it, I’m sure that others probably wondering the same thing. American doesn’t offer a “Buy Up” option, only the “Buy Back” that allows you to retain your current status.

      This is unrelated to your question, but it’s also something that I should have mentioned: AAdvantage members that participated in last year’s buy back offer are ineligible to for this current buy back offer. American doesn’t allow you to buy back two years in a row.

      Thanks for commenting!

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