AAdvantage President Maya Leibman Promoted to Sr. VP and CIO at American Airlines

American Airlines has announced some changes to the senior management leadership team. Among those changes, Monte Ford, Senior Vice President and CIO, has resigned effective Dec. 31 and AAdvantage President Maya Leibman has been promoted to the position.   From the press release:

Succeeding Ford is Maya Leibman, who is promoted to Senior Vice President and CIO. In her new role, Leibman will lead the company’s IT strategy and operations, including the continued deployment of next-generation technology to improve customer service and efficiency. She will report to Horton.

“Maya’s diverse experience with American, coupled with her enthusiasm for tackling tough challenges and her insatiable appetite for innovation make her the perfect candidate to lead our IT organization,” said Horton. “Maya brings a unique perspective to the CIO role, having worked so closely with American’s best customers in her position as President of AAdvantage. She is both passionate about our customers and experienced in leveraging technology to serve them best.”

Under her leadership, the AAdvantage team has had a successful 30th Anniversary promotion, participated in a milepoint Q&A with AAdvantage members, become a presence in both the milepoint and FlyerTalk AAdvantage forums, and worked really hard to make the first ever oneworld MegaDo happen.

I have to say that I’m reluctant to see her go, she’s done a great job of invigorating the AAdvantage brand, but I’m pretty hopeful that she’ll be able to do just as much for the whole organization and wish her the best of luck in her new position. 


    • I can’t think of anyone else on the AAdvantage team with her prominence. Before AAdvantage, she was VP of Information Technology Services.

      Just speculAAting, but perhaps it will be someone else from IT? Or maybe someone from a customer facing unit, like Nancy Knipp, currently President & Managing Director Admirals Club & Premium Services?

  1. dear ms rubin

    for the past three years i have not been able take advantage of booking my flights to brazil (twice a year) ….i have tried booking at least 6 mos in advance going forward and back to the dates of my requested departure (yes it is available at 120000 points rt not at the 40000 rt)
    i am disappointed with AA — having to purchase my bookings with TAM

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