Honolulu Admirals Club combined with Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge

The Admirals Club in Honolulu has always been a long way away from American’s gates, which made it pretty inconvenient to use unless you had a long layover, or arrived at the airport well before your departure.

Those days are over though, because as of November 16, the Admirals Club is being combined oneworld member JAL’s Sakura Lounge:

The HNL Admirals Club will co-locate to the Japan Airlines Sakura Lounge on November 16, 2011, further strengthening the relationship between the two carriers.

The new Admirals Club location is on the third level of the overseas terminal, overlooking the airport’s cultural gardens. Access to the lounge is by stairs or elevator from the central lobby across from the security checkpoint #3.

The new Admirals Club location is convenient to AA’s ticket counter and gates, security checkpoints, as well as shops and restaurants located within the main area of the overseas terminal.

Plus, the new location permits expanded AA operating hours for our members and guests as the lounge will now be open for all AA departures.

Go here to read the press release.

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