An Open Letter from AAdvantage President Maya Leibman

I’m already a big fan of Maya Leibman and the AAdvantage team. They’ve been working really hard this year to enhance the program, and to connect with members through events like the milepoint online discussion series and the oneworld MegaDO.  They even handled the change to the Million Miler Status program well by letting people know ahead of time.

And now they’ve gone and impressed me again by posting this message to both the milepoint and FlyerTalk forums:

Ideas and suggestions for AAdvantage enhancements on

Hi All,

We’d like to get your ideas and suggestions for what enhancements or new features you’d like to see on related specifically to AAdvantage.

By specific to AAdvantage we mean those areas of related to earning miles, redeeming miles, viewing your mileage account balance and tier status, signing up for AAdvantage promotions, enrolling in the program, and air and non-air partner information (so it’s not about booking a revenue ticket, gate information, checking in etc. We may ask about that in the future but this is specifically about AAdvantage).

Are there new ideas you have for these AAdvantage areas on

Something you’ve always wanted to see?

Or maybe something that’s not working the way you think it should?

Let us know what’s most important to you and while we can’t guarantee we’ll be able to deliver these ideas, we’ll certainly read and consider each one.

Maya and the AAdvantage Team

Top of my list:  I want to be able to book partner awards online.

Next on my list:  I want to be able to go online and upgrade a paid ticket with miles.

Fantasy request:  fare specials marketed as Mileage Run fares, that don’t require Friday or Monday travel.   For Example – DFW to Boston, first flight out and last flight back on a Saturday or Sunday for $219.  Maybe even offer double Elite Qualifying Miles for an extra $200.

Here’s your opportunity to go to milepoint or FlyerTalk and let AAdvantage President Maya Leibman and her team know what improvements you’d like to see on the American Airlines website.

What’s at the top of your list?


    • @ MJ – I’m all for that and I’m encouraged by that fact that the AAdvantage team (if not American) has been expanding the number of ways in which they meet with and listen to AAdvantage members.

      They still have some way to go to get from where they’re at now to having the kind of presence that SPG maintains on FlyerTalk, but they are moving in that direction.

      I’m hoping that it continues, that it’s successful, and that they establish a template that the rest of American can follow.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

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