AAdvantage Dining News: Bonus Offers and Apps for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry

If you’re already a member of the AAdvantage Dining program, keep an eye on your inbox for a targeted offer.  The bonus varies by recipient, but here’s a look at the offer that I received:

Register now for the Sweeten the Deal Bonus.  Spend $125 dining at program restaurants through December 31, 2011 and complete your dining reviews within 30 days of each visit to earn 3 AAdvantage bonus miles on top of the AAdvantage miles you already earn for dining.  That’s an additional 375 AAdvantage bonus miles!

Here’s how to earn your extra 3 AAdvantage bonus miles per dollar:

1 Register for the Sweeten the Deal Bonus
2 Spend $125 dining at program restaurants through 12/31/11
3 Complete your reviews within 30 days of dining

Others have reported receiving a similar offer but with spending and bonus levels ranging from $75 for 225 miles up to $200 for 600 miles.

Here’s the landing page for the offer I received (including terms and conditions).

Speaking of keeping an eye on your inbox, it may be that I should pay a little more attention to the AAdvantage Dining emails I receive, but something I discovered last night came a surprise to me: there is a mobile app that supports AAdvantage Dining

Rewards Network, the people that offer dining rewards for many loyalty programs (including AAdvantage) have had a mobile app for some time.  But until recently, their RN Dining app didn’t support the AAdvantage Dining program.  That’s changed very recently, and now tthe app will help you earn miles with your meals.

 Here’s the description of the iPhone app:

SEARCH: Choose the dining program you belong to (including AAdvantage), then search by current location, by popular cities or by ZIP code/city and state.
FIND: Get search results alphabetically or by distance.
DIG IN: Get deeper details like menus, photos and the phone number to call for reservations.
NAVIGATE: Click “Map” to see where to find your selected restaurant, bar or club.

RN Dining isn’t just for iPhone, it’s also compatible with Android and Blackberry devices.   Go here to learn more and to get the RN Dining app on your phone.  

Speaking of iPhone Apps, here’s a nifty little iPhone game for aviation and travel enthusiasts:

AirportGeek is a quiz game that tests your knowledge of IATA airport codes. You’re given the name of an airport, just provide the correct three letter code to earn points, game credits and extra time.

Go here to check it out!



  1. I just got a similar offer from Divided Miles Dining : 3 bonus points after $75 spend & reviews within 30 days (offer ending Dec 31st)

    • Hi Karlyn –

      I eat at maybe 2 or 3 participating restaurants per month and don’t consider myself an AAdvantage power diner, I wonder how they’re determining the amount of the bonus offer….

      Thanks for sharing!!

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