DealFinder 2.0 Released. Biggest improvement: It works with a Mac

Update: As of Sunday night, it’s finally working.  

I’ve been using a Mac since the mid-80s, so I’m excited to see that American has finally released a version of their DealFinder software that works with a Mac. Haven’t tried it yet, but here’s how it’s described in the FAQ on their site:

DealFinder is a downloadable desktop tool offered by American Airlines which allows you to receive automatic, personalized fare alerts and other information via your computer desktop. Once you download the tool and set your travel preferences, DealFinder will alert you about deals to your favorite destinations. By creating searches for your upcoming trips, DealFinder will also show you the current lowest prices and alert you when the price is at or belowyour target price. The application can also help you stay up to date with news, information and promotions from American Airlines.

Go here to download and test it yourself. Feel free to share your thoughts, review or experience in the comments section.

Have a great weekend!

(Editor’s Note:  I forgot to mention it, but American also released an update to their iPhone app and added this cool, new feature: “If an upgrade was requested and not yet confirmed at check-in, you now have the ability to put yourself on the upgrade standby list”. Go here for details.)


  1. It pops up a box that says you have to install Adobe Air. The box has nothing clickable and all you can do is close it.

  2. You can go to Adobe and download and install Adobe Air. The link from the Deal Finder does not work. However, trying to log in I cannot authenticate my Aadvantage #.

    Very buggy software.

    • Same problem here. Guess it wasn’t ready for prime time.

      Did you get the email offering a 15% discount for downloading the new version? I haven’t yet received it, but read that others have.

  3. I have never flown AA, and never intend to fly AA, but I figured I’d download it to check it out, and when it launches I get the error: unable to load configuration (remote). closing app.

  4. Downloading Dealfinder to Mac get the following message: “Unable to load configuration (remote). Closing app.”

    I have Adobe Air, etc. Have tried saving it to desktop and then installing or just running from the download – neither works.

    Any ideas would be appreciated.

    • I tried again a little earlier, and had the same problem. I saw that American mentioned in a tweet, that there is a problem with their server and that their IT team was working on it.

      Maybe the headline should have been “Doesn’t work on Mac (or Windows;)

  5. I don’t like the idea of a client side app. Why not just add this functionality through their web site or mobile apps? Also, installing an application on my computer just to see deals from *one* airline? At least I think that’s what DealFinder does.

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