Admirals Club Offers New 30 Day Membership

Tour of the new San Francisco Terminal 2 Admirals Club

American just introduced a new 30 day, membership to the Admirals Club. This is a full, all-access membership that includes the same guesting privileges as an annual membership.

Here’s the description from the announcement:

Even if you don’t travel frequently year-round, you can still enjoy the peaceful, professional environment of an Admirals Club lounge with our new 30-day membership. For $99, you’ll have access to more than 40 Admirals Club lounges worldwide for a consecutive 30-day period to enjoy these membership benefits:

Personal assistance with reservations
Ability to bring up to two guests or immediate family members
Complimentary Wi-Fi in all locations
Complimentary alcoholic beverages in International locations, Complimentary house wines, beer and well-brand drinks in all domestic U.S. locations
Complimentary coffee, tea, soft drinks and snacks
Fresh food available for purchase in all domestic U.S. locations
Spa-like showers, cyber cafes and children’s rooms in select locations
Conference rooms available at discounted member rates

Compared to the cost of a single Day Pass at $50, the $99 cost of this new one month membership is a really good value, especially for families and couples traveling together. A 1-Day Pass doesn’t allow you to bring a guest, up up till now, two people traveling together would each have to purchase a Day Pass in order to access the club.  For two people it could cost as much as $200 for roundtrip access.  This is a much better deal.

You can purchase the 30 Day membership online. Go here for more details.

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