An interesting overview of Tokyo Haneda

Tokyo International Airport (HND/RJTT) Terminal 2
Tokyo International Airport (HND/RJTT) Terminal 2 by Hideyuki KAMON on Flickr

If the 15,000  bonus AAdvantage Miles aren’t reason enough to travel to Tokyo Haneda airport, maybe a look at the new international terminal will inspire you. has an interesting overview of the new airport:

Made in Japan
The design of Haneda’s new international terminal emphasises that the airport is ‘Made in Japan’ as the country is referenced everywhere from the Mount Fuji-esque roof with high, waving ceilings to an Edo-period inspired shopping street and the latest in Japanese pop culture. Says Yoichi Hirai, Haneda’s director of corporate planning, “We want to showcase the country’s different architectural styles and cultural elements from traditional Japanese to contemporary manga.”

Jaunted has a five-part inside look at the new 1.3 billion dollar terminal:

It just so happens that Tokyo’s Haneda Airport—a smaller, far more convenient airport than Narita that previously focused on domestic flights—opened their funky new International Terminal the same week we’re in Tokyo. Thanks to ANA getting us security clearance, we’ll be bringing you a 5-part series for complete inside looks at everything from the Monorail to the ultra-exclusive airside lounges.

If you don’t want to wait until January, when American starts direct flights to Haneda from JFK, you can always take an American Airlines code-share flight from San Francisco.

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