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First the Admirals Club added yogurt pretzels, then they went and upgraded the rest of their snack menu, and now this: in many of their lounges they’re installing awesome new coffee machines and now visitors can enjoy complimentary self serve lattes, cappuccinos, and (my favorite) unlimited espresso shots!!!

All of the DFW Admirals Clubs now feature the Nescafe Alegria 8 series coffee machine, and one of the club’s AAngels told me that they’re rolling them out at all the others. They’re set up at the self-serve snack bar and make eight different kinds of beverages:

• Latte
• Cappuccino
• Decaf Cappuccino
• Mocha
• Black Coffee
• Decaf Black Coffee
• Espresso
• Hot Chocolate

My drink of choice is the Americano, but unfortunately the machine isn’t set up to make one. No problem, I can do it myself, and in the spirit of The Weekly Flyer’s lounge survival tips, I’m going to teach you how to use the resources at hand to make your own DIY Admirals Club AAmericano!


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As every road warrior knows, preparation is everything. Grab an American Airlines coffee mug and using the hot water dispenser on the coffee machine, fill the cup with about 1/3 volume of water.

Espresso Shot

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An Americano is traditionally water and espresso in equal volumes, but adjust and experiment for your own preference.

Using either a paper cup for a shot glass, or your mug of hot water, put the cup under the Nescafe Alegria’s spout and select ‘Espresso’. The Nescafe Alegria grinds the coffee and dispenses your espresso shot in in less than 90 seconds.

Once the machine is finished, and the espresso and water are combined, you’re done!


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Take your DIY Admirals Club AAmericano to your seat and enjoy!

(Tip: for best results, pick a spot with great view)

American Airlines 777-300ER

  • AJ said,

    Agree with your recipe. its the way I make coffee when I don’t have the americano option, like in my office 😉

  • karung99 said,

    I have been doing 1/3 coffee and 1 espresso, it is as close to Peet’s

  • The Weekly Flyer said,

    Definitely a good survival skill to have. Love the mugs with logo.

  • Debbie @ Traveling Well For Less said,

    I love these machines, some of the ACs have had them for quite some time now, glad to see they are phasing them into the rest of their ACs.

    PS. The machine in Miami has Mexican Hot Chocolate vs “plain” Hot Chocolate. :)

    Now if they would only bring in a machine (and showers) to the San Diego AC…

  • Mike said,

    You must be kidding. These machines are vile. They reconstitute coffee powder with hot water. The result can’t be described as coffee.

  • Mikebay said,

    The last four seasons I stayed in had the same machine! The coffee is fabulous. The folks from Switzerland doing as good as anybody in the world. If you don’t like this coffee all I can say. Shoo Fly

  • Thomas said,

    Just as an FYI. Nescafé translated into English, from Spanish, literally means “It’s not coffee.” (“No es café.)

  • Mike bay said,

    FYI Nestlé is a global corporation . Nescafé Is trademark to Nestlé . Founded in Switzerland 1866 with 334,000 Employees. Worldwide sales 0f. Over 1,000,000,000. By the way they make Kit Kat bars too, They are the Apple computers of food products,

  • John-Paul said,

    While it may seem pedantic, it’s worth pointing out that an Americano is prepared by pouring hot water over espresso, while a Long Black is made by pouring espresso over hot water. = )

  • SamOH said,

    Great news…finally…I don’t have to bring my own coffee anymore …now I can leave my French Roast Tasters Choice at home…will try the new machine this coming Saturday ..

  • aadvantagegeek said,

    @ John-Paul – Thanks for the tip! :-)

  • Paul said,

    These new Allegra machines put out the worst quality coffee. Completely unpalatable, what a downgrade!

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