It’s been a bad news/good news day for DFW travelers today. The bad news is (of course) the systemwide outage that American experienced earlier today. The good news (aside from the fact that AA’s computer are back online) is that American is offering some crazy cheap fares from DFW to Asia!

The Flight Deal has all the details, but here are a few of the sample fares:

Taipei – $767
Hong Kong – $891
Bangkok – $1,012
Singapore – $955
Seoul – $876
Shanghai – $846
Beijing – $850

Read more at The Flight Deal!

  • Mike said,

    This isnt much of sale.

  • aadvantagegeek said,

    @ Mike – It’s a big fare sale for the DFW market. For LAX or SFO it isn’t all that remarkable, but we don’t usually see fares this low.

  • Curtis said,

    Agree, for Dallas this is good!

  • ok said,

    bad day for AA and me; stuck in ORD for HOURS.

  • aadvantagegeek said,

    @ ok – Sorry to hear that. Hope you reach your destination soon and safely.

  • Harold said,

    To TPE only $767???? OMG!!!!! That’s half of the price from LAX with any other carrier.

  • The Flight Deal said,

    Thanks for the mention. Further price drops and two new destinations:
    – Seoul – $776
    – Taipei – $736
    – Hong Kong – $766
    – Ho Chi Minh City – $842
    – Bangkok – $913
    – Shanghai – $846
    – Beijing – $850
    – Singapore – $856
    – Busan, South Korea – $784

    More info –

  • E. Craig said,

    This was a wonderful sale! My wife and I are flying from Atlanta to Singapore for $869 each! Thanks so much.

  • aadvantagegeek said,

    @ E. Craig – Woo hoo!! That’s great new, I hope you have a great time! Thanks for reading! :-)

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