It didn’t take them long, but American has already updated to reflect the new branding.

New American Airlines website


The navigation menus remain the same, though some have been relocated. Those menu items that are probably most frequently accessed remain located at the top of the page.

New American Airlines website

New American Airlines website

New American Airlines website


The rest are now located at the bottom of the website.

New American Airlines website


Go here to see it for yourself.

  • Will said,

    I did not find “view available seats” which is a feature I used quite often.

  • victor said,

    Agree with Will. “View Available Seats” was the first place I went to look for. The only way to currently access that function is to search “View Available Seats” and it comes up.

  • aadvantagegeek said,

    It’s still around, it’s just not as easy to find. If you go the bottom of the homepage and select “Site Map”, then to scroll to “Reservations”, you’ll see a link to “View Available Seats

    It is a handy function and might be worth bookmarking. Thanks for the comments!

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