It’s a litte early to tell whether or how this will impact iPhone 5 sales, Apple’s stock price, or the presidential race, but American has added a new item to their Buy on Board menu: Insalata Caprese

Enjoy a Taste of Capri

A traditional Italian salad with sliced mozzarella tomatoes, and fresh basil leaves served with a hearty roll and small bottle of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

It’s available from 10 AM to 8 PM on flights over 3 hours and cost $8.29. I haven’t tried it so I can’t really give you a review, but here’s how it looks on the menu:

Capri Salad


This new salad is the only change I noticed to the latest Buy on Board menu. Be assured, though, that should there be any further developments to this important news story, you can count on this blog to cover it!

Have a great weekend!

  • Ozaer N. said,

    are these organic tomatoes? Also, is the mozzarella from hormone free milk?

  • aadvantagegeek said,

    @ Ozaer N. – It’s not mentioned in the menu, so I doubt it.

  • golfingboy said,

    For $8.29 to have a snack food, and it is not salad to me.

    I hope this did not replace anything on the menu.

  • aadvantagegeek said,

    @ golfingboy – Not to worry, there were no other changes to the menu. The spiced nuts, Boxer chips, California cobb sandwich, and most importantly, the Triple Shot cookie are still there! :-)

  • Michael W Travels said,

    Very interesting info! It does looks very tasty. You should do an undercover report- get a disguise and try it out for a critique!
    I feel a James Beard Award comin your way! :)

  • Jullan said,

    This looks so yummy! For $8.29, this is worth the price. Trying out new variants from different countries while on board is like starting the adventure of your travel.
    Tomatoes and cheese! A healthy snack for health-conscious people. I just hope the cheese is all-organic so it will be available for vegetarians like me.

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