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Update:  This offer has been extended through September 15, 2012.  The other day I wrote a post detailing all of the current AAdvantage Miles bonus offers from the car rental companies, and the best deal Avis had was 4X AA miles on a three day rental, which isn’t anything to get too excited about.  Which kind of surprised me.

Last year I earned from Avis at least enough bonus AAdvantage Miles for a domestic MileSAAver award. They offered both the greatest number and the most generous promotions in 2011.

Well, it looks like the big bonus offers are back (hat tip to Google Alerts and FlyerTalk member drzoidberg for spotting this promotion)!

Avis Award: Save up to 35% with every Avis rental plus earn up to 5,000 AAdvantage bonus miles.

Dates: July 18, 2012 through August 31, 2012.

Save up to 35% on rentals at Avis airport locations worldwide when you use your American Airlines Avis Worldwide Discount (AWD) number K817165.

• Earn 3,000 AAdvantage bonus miles on rentals of 1-2 days.
• Earn 5,000 AAdvantage bonus miles on rentals of 3 days or more.

Use coupon number MUAA035 and provide your AAdvantage number to earn your AAdvantage miles.

Budget has a bonus offer of 1,000 to 3,000 AAdvantage Miles with a slightly less generous discount. They usually have lower prices, so for some it might be the better deal:

Budget Award: Save up to 30% on Budget rentals plus earn up to 3,000 AAdvantage bonus miles

Dates: July 18, 2012 through August 31, 2012.

Use your American Airlines Budget Customer Discount (BCD) number U072411 to saveup to 30% on Budget rentals.

Plus, earn even more with up to 3,000 AAdvantage bonus miles on qualifying rentals!.

• Rent a Budget car for 1-2 days and earn 1,000 AAdvantage bonus miles at participating Budget airport locations.

• Rent a Budget car for 3 days or more and earn 3,000 AAdvantage bonus miles at participating Budget airport locations.

Use coupon number MUAZ025 and provide your AAdvantage number to earn your AAdvantage miles.

An advance reservation is required with both offers, and terms and conditions apply.  Go here for complete details.

Photo: 5.000 réis – coroa – 1936
Credit: Elio Capelati Junior via Flickr

  • Scott said,

    I got all excited thinking I could cancel my avis rez next month and rebook to get 5000 AA miles. Sadly this AWD makes the rental $56 more expensive, meaning i would be paying 1.12 cents per point. to much for me. Thanks though

  • Food Wine and Miles said,

    Great deal! Much better than the 1500 United was offering for 3+ day rentals. Couple this with the fleet upgrade announcement, and AA is looking better and better to this UA flyer!

  • Food Wine and Miles said,

    @Scott – pretty sure you don’t need to use their AWD in order to get the bonus

  • chris said,

    Wow I just saved $45 and switched from alamo’s promo of 1K aadvantage miles! Thanks for the heads up!

  • chris said,

    .49 cents per point!

  • aadvantagegeek said,

    @ Chris – SCORE!!! :-)

  • Scott said,

    so all i need to do is go into my existing reservation and put coupon code MUAZ025 and make sure my Avis First profile has my AA details?

  • aadvantagegeek said,

    @ Scott – That’s correct. You might even want to call them after you apply the code and confirm you AA info is on file, just to confirm that it’s applied correctly. Thanks for reading!

  • Scott said,

    I am looking at my reservation and it appears I can only apply one coupon code. I have a free upgrade included. Debating whether to change that. Does any one know if you can add more than one coupon code?

  • Kevin said,

    @Chris – are you sure your math’s correct? .49 cents per point would be a 3-day rental for $24.50

  • Chris said,

    That’s correct! I’m renting from kansas MCI Aug 9-11. I’m renting the chevrolet sonic, lowest of the low. I was astonished to hear the price myself.

  • Chris said,

    Oh plus citi sent me a code to get triple points on my card on travel purchases today in the mail. Deal keeps getting sweeter and sweeter!

  • Jessica said,

    Can you go through Ultimate Rewards Mall to get 3 extra points?

  • Tracy said,

    I switched my reservation from Budget to Avis and the cost per point will be .44 cents per mile for the difference with my Corporate AWD.

  • aadvantagegeek said,

    @ Tracy – Nice!!

  • aadvantagegeek said,

    @ Jessica – I’ve looked through the terms and conditions and don’t see any requirement that you go through AA Vacations or Budget/Avis. Just to be careful, I’d call them first.

  • Rapid Travel Chai said,

    5,000 miles coming my way this weekend for a MIAS/Florida Keys trip.

  • aadvantagegeek said,

    @ RTC – Nice! You’re the master of car rentals, so this has to be a great offer if you’re taking advantage it.

  • Alex said,

    Does this deal requires the rental to complete on 08/31/12?
    I would like to rent on 08/31/12 for the long labor week end, so returning on 09/03/12. Will it be OK to do this to earn the last 5000 miles? Thanks.

  • aadvantagegeek said,

    @ Alex – I read through the fine print and it states:

    “Rental must begin by August 31, 2012.”

    Other offers, such as this one, specify a “Rental must be completed by ” date, so you should be fine.

    Also, the Avis site validates AWD and coupon codes when you make a reservation and it will generate an error if you rental doesn’t qualify. I used both codes for a reservation August 31 – September 2 and didn’t have a problem.

    Hope you have a fun Labor Day weekend and enjoy yourself while earning the miles!!

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