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I received an email yesterday to let me know that the double elite qualifying miles I earned during January, with the now expired systemwide DEQAA promotion, have posted to my account.

I’m not a mileage runner, not because I think it’s a bad idea but because I don’t have the time, so the bonus miles I earned during January are kind of paltry in comparison to others.

I’ve heard from a few people on Twitter that were able to earn status in a single month: Congratulations to @jamucsb and @crismanila77.  

I read that the Happy Flyer was able to reach Platinum in a month.   And Jerry from The Frequent Flyer Collector blog told me that he he was able to earn 94,690 elite qualifying miles in January!

I’ve actually earned more EQMs this month than I did last month, but with the bonus I was still able to reach Gold by the end of January.

Did anyone else earn AAdvantage elite status during the promotion?

(Just a quick note to let you know that Daraius over at Million Mile Secrets is giving away a $150 American Airlines gift card.  To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment.)

  • Bhumik said,

    I got Gold from the promo in January… also on a side note.. I remember posting earlier that I was unable to claim my AA Elite rewards.. and its still the case.. any tips?

  • Linda said,

    I earned Gold in January on miles, but also completed a Platinum Challenge that began in December and so I am now Platinum. With the ORD/DFW/SFO round trip qualifying double miles promotion and a quick trip to South America, I will earn Platinum outright on miles anyway by early March. Guess I’ll need to consider Exec Platinum after that:)

  • Kevin said,

    Yes, I was able to reach Gold in January and Platinum last week with MRs taken under this promotion and DEQ11. I’ll be Executive Platinum by the end of March, and boy will my butt be tired.

  • aadvantagegeek said,

    @ Bhumik – You might consider sending a Tweet to the AAdvantage team. They’re pretty responsive and can look into it for you.

    If you don’t mind me asking, how many points did you finish the year with? Take a look at your AAdvantage account online and look at your December statement and confirm that they recorded your total 2011 Elite Qualifying Points correctly.

    @ Linda – Wow! Nice! I guess I’ll be seeing your name on the upgrade list ahead of me:-)

    @ Kevin – Congratulations! At least your butt will be sitting in first class:-)

  • Brad said,

    I went from zero to Plat in the month of Jan thanks to the promos they ran. A total of 52k EQM’s! WooHoo!

  • aadvantagegeek said,

    @ Brad – Cool – you’ve got 24 months of double AAdvantage miles and upgrades to look forward to!

  • carwag25 said,

    Got EXP in January. Total of 111,150 EQM’s :-)

  • aadvantagegeek said,

    @ carwag25 – Even with DEQM, that’s a lot of flying!

  • Cook said,

    A bit silly, don’t you think? Ten years ago, there was significant ‘value’ to holding some elite status. In today’s market, all but the verey top tiers are meaningless and do damn little to improve the flying experience. Back of the bus is still back of the bus!

  • carwag25 said,

    @aadvantage, I must confess that I lucky enough (live in CA) to take advantage of the stackable DEQM promo’s in January, so only 1/3 of those EQM’s are BIS.

  • aadvantagegeek said,

    @ Cook – You’re right. It’s a shame, but it’s true of every carrier that the back of the bus isn’t what it used to be.

    @ carwag25 – Even if you only flew 1/3 of those miles, you still had to sit through Footloose 2011 for 33K miles. :-)

  • Jeff said,

    Weird that they’ve only posted for activity through Jan. 28. Why not go all the way through the end of the promotion on Jan. 31, even if it meant waiting a couple of extra days before sending out this notification? I trust that they’ll get the activity for those last 3 days posted. Just found it odd.

  • aadvantagegeek said,

    @ Jeff – Good point. Not sure of the reason.

  • Steve said,

    66K miles and platinum in a single month…its hard to beat a DEQM promo.

  • aadvantagegeek said,

    @ Steve – I guess you’ll be enjoying a lot of baked on board cookies for the next two years!

  • Jamison said,

    yes, i sat through footloose many times… also Moneyball on the return to LA

    exec plat status secured

  • aadvantagegeek said,

    @ Jamison – I just saw your Twitter name…thanks for stopping by!

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