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FTD Celebrates their 101st Anniversary with Bonus Miles Offer

I saw that the other day the Tulsa Airport had measured runway temperatures of more than 145 degrees. Tulsa isn’t the only hotspot, it’s been a brutal summer everywhere, so after more than a month of 100+ degree temperatures in Dallas, I’ve fled to Canada for a vacation. As Popeye likes to say, “That’s all…

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It was fun while it lasted. A wrap up of the AAdvantage 30th Anniversary Promotion

“The Party’s Over” Photo Credit: Bob Franklin on Flickr Well, the big AAdvantage 30th Anniversary 30 Days of Deals and Promotions is over.  I was able to take advantage (no pun intended) of some of the deals:  Shop, Dine & Travel Your Way to 3,000 AAdvantage Bonus Miles, Triple Miles for Charitable Donations, the Citicard…

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Just a few days left in the AAdvantage 30th Promotion. A breakdown of the first 24 offers.

“Slow down Arthur, Stick to Thirty” Photo credit: Colin Milligan on Flickr Today is day 24 of 30 days of promotions to celebrate the 30th anniversary of AAdvantage. So for today’s episode here’s a recap of deals, offers, discounts and contests as well as a little wishful speculation. Contests In addition to a daily drawing…

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Moms and Miles: some Mother’s Day offers that will earn you AAdvantage Miles

“Mother’s Love” Photo credit: Koshy Koshy on Flickr AAdvantage 30th Anniversary Deal of the Day update: Book a flight, car rental, hotel stay or activity on AA.com by May 27, 2011 enter to Win 3,000 Miles + $50 Gift Card. Go here and don’t forget to submit your name in the daily drawing for 30,000…

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Valentine’s Day Countdown. A few gift ideas that will earn you AAdvantage Miles

“Valentine’s – lots of hearts” Photo credit: Vicki DeLoach on Flickr Less than a week to go, and here are a few Valentine’s Day offers from retailers that will earn you some extra miles and hopefully some brownie points from your Valentine. Flowers. Both FTD and 1800Flowers are offering extra AAvantage Miles. Earn 30 AAdvantage…

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