FTD Celebrates their 101st Anniversary with Bonus Miles Offer

I saw that the other day the Tulsa Airport had measured runway temperatures of more than 145 degrees. Tulsa isn’t the only hotspot, it’s been a brutal summer everywhere, so after more than a month of 100+ degree temperatures in Dallas, I’ve fled to Canada for a vacation. As Popeye likes to say, “That’s all I can takes, because I can’t takes no more!”

Every August I travel to Montreal to enjoy good food, nice weather, a little outdoor exercise, and lots of relaxation. I’ve been to the city often enough now that I don’t feel the need to see the sites, to visit the Old Port, or do much of anything. Instead, I unplug, slow down, and decompress.

Tonight I’m sitting at the Grand Hyatt DFW, taking advantage of their Park, Sleep and Fly offer. For the same price as a week of parking at DFW airport, I can stay at the hotel, unwind, check out in the morning, then take the elevator down to catch my flight. Right now I’m looking out the window with a view of Terminal D, waiting for Qantas 8 to push back and depart for Brisbane. I’m also listening to DFW Tower West air traffic control: with instructions like “Go on down and take a right…” or “you’re gonna have to get clear of that big ol’ 74…”, it’s obvious the tower crew comes from Texas.

Anyway, tomorrow I’m off to Miami and then on to Montreal, so if you notice a drop in the number of posts this week, blame it on my vacation. Don’t worry, if American announces Quadruple AAdvantage Miles and instant Executive Platinum status for travel next weekened between Montreal and Dallas, I’ll let you know. But, if you don’t hear from me, have a good week.

Now for Monday’s update…..

FTD is old enough to be AAdvantage’s Grandmother. In fact, the day that AAdvantage was born, FTD was already old enough to collect Social Security, and this year the “world’s oldest floral services organization” is celebrating 101 years of operation. And while at 101, FTD might not be up to 30 days of celebrations, they are offering Bonus AAdvantage Miles:

Earn Bonus Miles For FTD’s 101st Anniversary!

Award: 15 miles per $1 spent plus 101 bonus miles
Award: 15 miles per $1 spent plus 301 bonus miles for Elite Members

Dates: August 1st through August 31st, 2011

Offer: Celebrate FTD’s 101st anniversary with flowers, plants and gifts from FTD and earn 101 bonus miles with every purchase! Elite members earn 301 bonus miles!

The next time you’re having a conversation with someone that you’re trying to impress, here’s a little piece of trivia that you use, FTD was originally founded as Florists’ Telegraph Delivery.

To earn your bonus miles, you have to order online using promo code 4178. Those with AAdvantage elite status, can earn their extra miles using promo code 9041. Go here for complete details.

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