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An American Airlines fare sale that’s worth noting

I always have some business or vacation travel on the planning calendar, so I use AA.com fare alerts and Kayak price tracking to keep me from missing out on a fare sale to one of the destinations on my watch list. So when I get the weekly American Airlines Net Saver email, I almost always…

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Yu Darvish signs with the Rangers so American offers a 1-day fare sale DFW to Tokyo

The Texas Rangers have signed Japanese pitching ace Yu Darvish as a starting pitcher and to celebrate the occasion American has launched a 24 hour fare sale on flight from Dallas to Tokyo. In honor of the newest big star headed to the Lone Star state, American Airlines is having a one day sale! For…

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American Airlines Offers a Big Fare Sale to Brazil and Mike Tyson sings. Related?

Sorry about the headline. I know it’s kind of corny. And while there’s no connection between American’s new fare sale to Brazil and Mike Tyson, I’ve been waiting a few weeks for a Brazil related bonus offer just so I could share this video. It’s Mike Tyson singing “The Girl from Ipanema” on a Brazilian…

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AAdvantage Ski Report: Celebrities, Discounts, and Double Miles

GoPro HD: Avalanche Cliff Jump with Matthias Giraud The first big snowstorm of the year has arrived.  The snow has been so heavy, that in Chicago, airlines cancelled more than 460 flights because of the weather.    American posted a Midwest Travel Policy to offer travelers affected by the snowstorm the option to change their travel…

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Cyber Tuesday: American Airlines extends big holiday fare sale

Cyber: I cringe when I hear the word and I cringed when I wrote the headline.  It’s a dorky word that’s outlived its usefulness, but it seems it’s here to stay and now we can add “Cyber Tuesday” the list of silly words generated by marketers.  But in what is probably an uphill battle, I’ve…

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Double AAdvantage Miles from Dallas to Joplin, Missouri

“Main Street Joplin” Photo credit: KellyK on Flickr American Airlines has announced plans to start service between Dallas/Fort Worth and Joplin, Missouri starting February 11, 2011. To celebrate launch of their new service, they’re also offering Double AAdvantage Miles on flights between the two cities. Joplin officials worked with American Airlines to bring twice daily,…

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