Photo tour: the US Airways Club at LaGuardia

For now, American and US Airways are located at different terminals at LaGuardia: American is located at Terminal A and US Airways is still located at at Terminal D.  

Last week my flight left out of Terminal D so I stopped by the US Airways Club before my flight.

This wasn’t my first visit to a US Airways Club, I’ve been clubs in Philadelphia and Charlotte, but this was my first visit to the lounge at LGA.

If you haven’t been through Terminal C yet, it’s actually a really nice facility, it was recently remodeled and offers a really nice food court.

The lounge is smaller than the LGA Admirals Club, but it was also less busy.  The staff was friendly, and because I was an Admirals Club member the receptionist went out of her way to welcome me and make sure I was aware that the club offered complimentary cocktails, beer, and wine, and that I knew how to access the Wi-Fi network (so far, in my experience, the US Airways Club staff have all been really friendly and helpful).

Anyway, just in case you’re passing through LGA Terminal C, here’s a brief photo tour of the club.

Great place to sit and watch the planes.



Awesome chairs that feature a swivel tablet arm!



The bar offers complimentary beer, wine, and (as of recently) cocktails.



Snacks, including peanut butter filled pretzels! Not sure how I went this long in life without trying them, but I’ve been missing out!



Coffee (an essential nutrient).



Have you been to a US Airways Club yet?

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  1. Did you notice there is only a single person bathroom per sex for the entire club? There was always a line for the men’s room.

    1. @ Jon – Ah yes, forgot about that. It was pretty slow when I visited so I didn’t think about how inconvenient that might be. Kind of odd now that you mention it. Thanks for the comment!

      @ The Weekly Flyer – Something changed? 😉

      @ Brian – Thanks!

      @ Michael W. Travels – I’ve been getting all my AA news from you! Thanks!

      @ Eric – Doh! To tell the truth, I’m so used to flying American exclusively out of LGA that all I know is the “American” terminal. The last time I flew US Airways out of LGA was when AA grounded their MD-80 fleet. Corrected, thanks! 🙂

  2. C’mon advantage geek – American flies out of Terminal B at Laguardia. Delta flies out of terminal D. Of course the concourses in Terminal B are named A through D as well, adding to the fun/confusion.

    Although the Delta Sky Club in the old US Airways Club (back when Terminal C was only known as the US Air(ways) Terminal) always brings back old memories.

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