Free inflight streaming entertainment from American and Gogo

Free Movie Promo Screenshot

I normally sign in to Gogo and don’t even pay attention to the welcome page, but on a recent flight I actually read the banner graphic and noticed that through the end of the month American and Gogo Inflight Internet are teaming up to offer customers a free streaming movie or television program!

This is great for several reasons:

• You can choose from 75 movies (including several recent releases plus classics like The Big Lebowski)

• More than 75 television shows including Downton Abbey, Big Bang Theory, and Rick Steves

• If you run out of time you can watch your selection on the ground – you get 24 hours from time of purchase to finish your movie.

• If you stream a movie, you won’t have to watch After Earth!

Most movies cost $3.99 and television programs are 99 cents. You don’t have to purchase Wifi to stream a movie. With the promo code is completely free.

Use promo code FREESHOW at checkout to get your free program

Fine print: limit one per customer. Offer expires September 30, 2013.


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