Check your inbox: Up to 2,000 Bonus Miles with $35 Purchase at AAdvantage eShopping Mall

2K Bonus Offer from AAdvantage eShopping

(Update 2: Thanks to Destination David for passing along this registration link for the 2,000 bonus AAdvantage miles offer. No assurance that it will work, but the terms and conditions don’t mention that it’s targeted. Can’t hurt to try….go here to register and for full details.)

(Update: It seems that some readers are receiving an offer worth 2,000 miles. From what I can gather the longer it’s been since you ordered from AAdvantage eShopping, the more likely you are to receive the higher offer.)

Screenshot new AAdvantage Promo email

I’m enjoying my last few days of vacation mode so I haven’t kept up much with the news, Twitter, or my email. But thanks to reader Tim P. this new promotion from AAdvantage eShopping didn’t get lost among the deluge of unread messages in my inbox:

The AAdvantage eShopping mall is your ticket to earning more miles

You are a valued member of the AAdvantage eShopping mall. And to thank you, we are pleased to offer you 1,000 AAdvantage miles when you spend $35 at any of the more than 900 online retailers, now through September 30th.

Find your last minute back to school essentials or the latest fall trends; from fashions to electronics AAdvantage eShopping has it all. Plus, as a member, you have access to bonus mile opportunities, deals and discounts on top of the miles you earn for every dollar you spend.

From the terms and conditions:

Now through 9/30/13 11:59 PM EST receive an additional one-time bonus of 1,000 miles when you shop through this email and spend a cumulative amount of $35 or more online in the AAdvantage eShopping mall. Returns, shipping, taxes, gift card purchases, and certain products are not eligible for bonus; please see site details on any coupon code details or usage restrictions. Please allow 8-10 weeks from end of promotional period for bonus miles to post to your account.

Not sure if this is targeted, there’s no promo code or registration required, but check your inbox for the message ‘1,000 bonus miles for shopping’. Go here for more details.

A big hat tip to Tim P!

Hope you have a great weekend!

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  1. My husband got offer for 2000 pts for $35! I got nothing. I use the Southwest mall all the time but am going to take advantage of this one!!

  2. @ Kelly @ Matt B – Woo hoo lucky you!!! I guess they just like me half as much. 😉 Thanks for sharing, I’ll update my post!

  3. @ Jake – New digs? Congratulations! (I’ve learned from experience, spending $35 at Home Depot is easy!) 🙂

  4. screwed up promo for some – you may get the larger bonus email if you have an account, but when you “sign up” on the promo registration screen, it says that account already exists and it kicks you back out.

    1. @ dale m – Try this updated link. I signed into my account, tried the link in the email, and got a different landing page. I updated my post with this new link. Thanks for the info!

  5. The button for returning members is a hopeful sign, tho it’s now returning a server error – maybe their system will settle down. Funny that the email sent out to members (duh) defaulted to new members only. Thanks for the link. Hmmm, how many hours of dinking around with buggy web sites is 2000 points worth 🙂

  6. answered my own question once it settled down and clicked through … about an hour. For $35, gloves for wife at Neiman Marcus, free shipping, and 6 points per $. Again, thanks for the improved link!

    1. @ dale m – Score!!! Congratulations, you managed to earn AAdvantage Miles and (more importantly) Spousal Points!

  7. Can I use my daughter’s credit card for payment? In other words, must the name on my AAdvantage account match the name on the credit card used for payment?

    1. @ Ruth – It doesn’t matter that you’re using your daughter’s card so long as you start your shopping from the AAdvantage eShopping Mail. They don’t use registered cards anymore:

      Please note we have made changes to our shopping program and you no longer need to register your credit or debit card to earn miles. Just click through the AAdvantage eShopping mall to your favorite online stores and shop as you normally would, and your miles will be awarded.

      Just sign in to your account AAdvantage eShopping account, then start shopping. Thanks for reading!

  8. Hi,
    Just want to let you know that the Flights.Camera.Action 3 Voting has begun. One AAdvantage member will win 25,000 AAdvantage miles. You can vote daily in each of the 3 categories until September 26. Visit to vote!

  9. Submitted my order to AAshopping during early September using my AA credit card. Regular miles were posted to my account but am still waiting for the 2000 bonus miles promised in the e-mail (I did get one). I wrote to AA which responded that the 2000 miles would be posted by the end of November. That did not happen. I also received a 2500 mile offer for spending $400. Still waiting on both.

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