Admirals Club Day Pass Giveaway: Share your best foodie tip for a chance to win!

Kebabs at Le Cafe Bonjour

(Editor’s note:  AJ from Live from a Lounge has offered a second Admirals Club day pass, so I’ll pick two winners at random.  Thanks AJ!!)  I heard from a reader JJ who runs a website that serves as a news and deals resource for the blind and visually impaired community. He wrote to tell me that he had an Admirals Club day pass that he won’t be able to use, and so that it doesn’t go to waste he’s kindly offered it up for a reader giveaway.

To use the day pass you must “present it at the Admirals Club lounge for admittance before July 31, 2013.”

Since it’s expiring soon, I’ll make this easy.

One of the reasons I love to travel is that I enjoy searching out great food. Anytime I visit a city I look for a place to eat that’s off the tourist path.

Much of my travel is domestic, but I’ve found some awesome places to eat foods from around the world: shio ramen in LA,  Portuguese chicken in Montreal, Peruvian chicken near D.C., Sri Lankan lampries on Staten Island, and Armenian kebabs in LA’s Diamond District. I also love to eat classic American regional foods like North Carolina shrimp burgers and New Hampshire pancakes and maple syrup.

We have some great places to eat in Dallas. When friends come to town, I’ll often take them to eat at one of my favorite restaurants off the tourist path: King’s Noodle for the hand pulled Taiwan style beef dry noodle, La’ Me for Vietnamese bánh mì and iced coffee, Jimmy’s Food Store for a fantastic Italian meatball sandwich, Nuevo Leon for chicken enchiladas with chocolate coffee mole sauce (truly, the food of the gods!), The Mecca for chicken fried steak, or (just added to the list) Pecan Lodge for BBQ.

I’m always working on my list of places to try, so to enter the giveaway just tell me the best off the tourist path restaurant in your hometown – the one awesome place that only locals know about.

I’ll have a random drawing at noon (CDT) tomorrow, July 25, to pick a winner.

Thanks again to JJ for the Admirals Club day pass!!

Good luck! I can’t wait to read your best foodie tips!

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  1. People tend to want to have Cuban food in Miami, but rather than try the more famous Versailles or La Carreta, you want to visit Exquisito in Little Havana. Incredible food and cheap as can be!

  2. In a suburb of Philadelphia on the jersey side, there is an awesome chinese restaurant called Samuel and Chef Chan Chinese Restaurant. A pure diamond in the rough

  3. The very best place for breakfast on Maui is a little hole in the wall in Kihei — the Kihei Caffe. It doesn’t look like much all but it is always packed.

  4. Gotta say Ohshima for sushi in OC. Tiny place but the best sushi, served old-skool by 3 elderly Japanese men.

  5. When in LA and in the mood for really good Korean food, head to Koreatown, which spans several blocks near Downtown. You can find delicious, affordable places everywhere — supermarket food courts (search for Koreatown Galleria), 24-hour noodle shops (my favorite: Myung Dong Kyoja), and a huge variety of Korean BBQ places with all different types of offerings (Palsaik Samgyupsal has 8 types of marinated pork belly!).

  6. Cane Rosso – Dallas Tx – Authentic Neapolitan pizza – THE Greatest

    You won’t find huge “crispy” slices overloaded with salt, oregano, and low quality toppings. You also won’t find a “meat lovers”, a “supreme”, or a side of ranch dressing to dip your crust.

    What you will find is authentic Neapolitan pizza made according to the strict guidelines of the “Associazone Verace Pizza Napoletana” – the official quality control watchdogs of true pizza.

  7. I truly don’t want the pass, as I’m already a member, but currently our favorite place anywhere is The Great Escape in Salem MA.

  8. If your ever in Austin, go enjoy the best BBQ in the world at the Salt Lick (available in the airport too)!

  9. Mangarre Monzo in Little Tokyo in LA has amazing handmade udon. I love Foragers City and Monument Lane for brunch in NY, as well as Great Burrito and Pizza for 24 hour tacos, which are actually one of my favorite place to get tacos not just in NYC but rival anywhere else in the world.

  10. My favorite spot using the guidelines above is:

    Jocko’s Steakhouse in Nipomo California (the half way point between LA and SF) on the 101.

    Hidden back in a neighborhood, it’s an unassuming joint. Typical wait for a table during the week is 2-3 hours so it’s best to grab a reservation via phone. Opentable? Pfft.

    The Portion sizes are epic. Every meal is served with 5 different appetizer type portions along with a salad. About an hour later, your steak shows up. They cook them over an open flame thus it takes longer for it to cook. The other factor is typically the steaks are several inches thick..

    The best value is the Filet Mignon. At $29 it isn’t pricey but it’s an incredible value when you consider it’s a 23oz glorious piece of beef IN California no less.

    Happy MEATing 🙂

  11. If you’re ever in L.A., you should go to The Grove’s farmers market and head to Dupar’s. It’s like a Diners joint but have amazing buttermilk pancakes! And its open 24 hours, so you don’t have an excuse not to go!

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