New video from American: How to use Apple’s iOS6 Passbook on your iPhone

Apple’s new Passbook is an iOS 6 app that lets you save all kinds of things like loyalty cards, movie tickets, gift cards, and boarding passes to your iPhone or iPad.   American was one of the first airlines to support this new feature.

I’ve used it a few times and it works really well, though at first it wasn’t obvious to me how to use it.

I wasted some time trying to figure out how to enter my AAdvantage number in Passbook in order to retrieve a ticket; you actually have to check-in using American’s mobile app, and from there save your boarding pass to Passbook. Thankfully, a Google search helped my solve the problem.

Anyway, American posted a very short tutorial on Youtube yesterday explaining how to save your boarding pass to Passbook.  Here’s a look at at the video.

Speaking of iPhone Apps, here’s a nifty little iPhone game for aviation and travel enthusiasts:

AirportGeek is a quiz game that tests your knowledge of IATA airport codes. You’re given the name of an airport, just provide the correct three letter code to earn points, game credits and extra time.

Go here to check it out!


  1. Nice to see that American is open to new technologies accessing their systems to benefit their customers! Now, let me just jump over to Awardwallet….oh, never mind.

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