Back to Campus: Earning AAdvantage Miles with Textbook Purchases and Rentals

Self, Culture, and Society. is an AAdvantage eShopping Mall retailer and they offer 2 AAdvantage Miles per dollar with each purchase or rental. Considering the cost of textbooks, this a great way to earn a lot of miles:

In partnership with Barnes &, is a one-stop shop containing over 7 million new and used books that are always in stock, saving time and offering convenience for customers. In addition, every day low prices means customers will save money and also enjoy a convenient shopping experience.

You have to sign up with AAdvantage eShopping Mall and use their link to in order to earn the miles. Don’t forget to register your AAdvantage Citicard with the AAdvantage eShopping Mall to earn even more miles.

Complete details here.

Photo: Self, Culture, and Society.
Credit: Connie Ma on Flickr


  1. Weren’t there some places offering more? I’d bought some books recently via the AA shopping portal for 4 or 5 miles per dollar…

    • @ Miles – You’re right. Until very recently, Barnes & Nobel participated in the AAdvantage eShopping Mall. A couple of weeks ago they disappeared from the site, which is disappointing, I ordered from them all the time. I’ll especially miss them come holiday time. Thanks for mentioning it and for reading!

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