American offering some big discounts on Business Class fares to Europe

American has a big fare sale to Europe going on and some of the best deals are on Business Class tickets. The sale runs through September 1, 2012 and some of the discounts are as much half off the more typical price.

Here’s a look at a DFW to Paris fare after the end of the sale:

DFW to Paris Regular Price


And here’s the discounted price for the same route during the sale:

DFW to Paris Sale Price

That’s a 46 percent discount! Some of the cities included are London, Brussels, Helsinki, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Zurich, and Rome.

These fares require a Saturday night stay and have to be purchased by July 3. Travel has to be completed by September 2.

Go here for full details.

Speaking of fares, have you ever wondered who sets the prices? Here’s an interesting behind the scenes look at the revenue management department at American Airlines.


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