1. Probably an ERJ 145, or similar, from Edinburgh to Cardiff in the late 1990s on BA (when they still had regional flights).

  2. 1986, CI 747-200. Not too shabby, but as a 6 year-old, I back then, I was hoping the engine noise will go away once we are airborne though… ha!

  3. I was a university student in Germany in 1969. First flight for me was on a 727….. I believe. Travel fever bit me then, and I have never gotten rid of it!

  4. Republic Airlines from New Orelans to Chicago then United from Chicago to SFO, then Pan Am 747 from SFO to HNL in 1984. Moving to Hawaii. 🙂

  5. 727 OMA-DEN on UAL, I specifically remember there was a snack on board because it was the first time I tried Gouda cheese, and had to hear my dad make “good-ah” jokes for about a year following.

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