How’s this for a Double AAdvantage Miles promo code: SUX2X

Sioux City Sarsaparilla

I have this thought that somewhere buried deep in the basement at American’s headquarters is a room with a door marker that reads “Promo Code Department”.

And inside that room are a couple of people that had to snicker a little when they came up with a promo code for this offer to promote the start of new service between Chicago and Sioux City, Iowa:

Airline: American Eagle
Award: Bonus Miles

Bonus Code: SUX2X

Dates: Travel between April 3, 2012, and June 30, 2012

Offer: Starting April 3, 2012, American Eagle will offer daily nonstop flights between Chicago O’Hare and Sioux City, IA. To celebrate, you can earn double miles every time you fly our new route through June 30, 2012.

To qualify for the offer, you have to register before you travel.  Go here for full details.

Maybe it just my third grade sense of humor, but when I saw the promo code I thought it was kind of funny.  SUX is the IATA airport code for Sioux City, so SUX2X is a pretty logical for a promo code.  And it’s not like the AA Promo Code Department could use 2XSUX, that’s probably reserved for double mileage offers to Houston.

Photo: Sioux City Sarsaprilla
Credit: Drew Stephens on Flickr

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