In Chicago and for today only: Win two 1st class tickets to any American Airlines destination

If you live in Chicago (or if you’re traveling to the area) stop by Pioneer Court this afternoon for a chance to win 2 first class tickets to any American Airlines destination:

Join us at Pioneer Court at the Chicago Tribune Tower @ 401 North Michigan Avenue, on October 21 from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. for your chance to win travel to anywhere we fly.

Learn more about American Airlines, our products and services as you gather entries in the Gateway to the Globe Sweepstakes. Earn your first entry at our Welcome Booth and earn five additional entries by visiting other American ‘Gates’. The more ‘Gates’ you visit, the more entries you earn — up to six per person! Plus, each area offers exciting prizes such as AAdvantage miles, Admirals Club Day Passes and more!

American Airlines and American Eagle offer a world of choices to passengers traveling from or connecting through Chicago. Plan a trip to New York, Los Angeles, the Caribbean, Europe, South America or Asia — whether across the country or around the world, we can take you there..

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Go here to read more.

If you’re not in Chicago, you can still console yourself by winning 280,000 AAdvantage Miles in the “Your Journey Starts Here” promo.


    • @ – No, I’m not even in the airline business. I live in Dallas and do a lot of business related travel, so by default I’m an AAdvantage member. I’ve always tracked AAdvantage mileage offers (at bit more obsessively that I probably should) and I started the blog on a dare from a friend. I don’t write much commentary about American’s business strategies or industry trends, there are many people that do a much better job than I ever could, I’m pretty much just about the miles.

      I’m a big fan of AAdvantage, and often times a fan of American, though sometimes I’m just a disgruntled American passenger, but I try to keep the tone of the blog positive and to focus on earning, using (and sometimes winning) AAdvantage Miles, and if I sometimes come across as a fanboy, it’s probably for that reason.

      Thanks for reading and for commenting. I’m glad you found the site and hope you come back!

  1. Well, I won 100 miles plus got 500 miles apiece for showing each of my Citibank Aadvantage cards (one Visa, One AMEX). So it was a worthwhile venture.

  2. I live in downtown chicago, follow AA on twitter, Facebook, flyterlak, etc, etc… this was not highly advertised or given too much advance warning…or I totally missed it because I would have gone and gotten some miles for my cards 🙁

    • I was a little surprised that they didn’t at least promote it a few days ahead of time on Twitter. Even if they wanted to make it a surprise, during the week they could have told Chicago followers to stay tuned for some exciting news on Friday morning. How are people supposed to sneak out of the office or schedule “dentist” appointments without a little advance notice? 😉

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