Move to Texas, build a house, earn up to 500,000 AAdvantage Miles

Trying to earn Million Mile status by December 1?  Here’s an easy way to pick up 500,000 AAdvantage Miles, just build a million dollar house in Texas.  Sure the summer is brutal, 5 of the 10 cities at greatest risk of a natural disaster are in the Lone Star State, but with half a million AAdvantage Miles in your account you’ll be able to flee the 106 temperatures and tornados.

Home builder Garabedian Properties is offering AAdvantage miles when you contract with them to build or renovate a home:

Miles For Dreams – Contract to purchase one of our existing home sites and have Garabedian Properties build your dream home.

If one of our existing sites is not compatible with what you are seeking, we can act as your buyer’s agent to represent you in securing a site which would qualify for the program.

Option A – For building a home on one of OUR properties are;

$500,000 to $750,000 Custom Home may earn up to 100,000 Miles

$750,001 to $1,000,000 Custom Home may earn up to 250,000 Miles

$1,000,001 or greater Luxury Home may earn up to 500,000 Miles

Option B – For homes built on a property we do NOT own are

$500,000 to $750,000 Custom Home may earn up to 50,000 Miles

$750,001 to $1,000,000 Custom Home may earn up to 125,000 Miles

$1,000,001 or greater Luxury Home may earn up to 250,000 Miles

Already live in Texas?  You can even earn miles by renovating your current home or replacing the roof:

Miles For Dreams Renovate Program – Contract with Garabedian Properties to complete a renovation or addition project on your home and you could earn miles. You can earn miles on replacing your home’s roof or repairs to water/storm damage.

Minimum contract total of $15,000 will qualify for one mile for every three dollars in the net contract price for the project. Projects include but are not limited to remodels, renovations, additions, bathroom updates, kitchen updates, roof replacement, water damage repairs and other such projects.

And if you’re happy with the home you have, or don’t won’t to move to Texas, there’s still a way to earn miles:

Not Ready Yet – Ask about gift cards/certificates where you can lock in your mileage award now but take your time on the design and build process OR gift it to someone else.

As you might expect, terms and conditions apply.  Go here for full details.


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