Use FreeConference for Conference Calls and Web Meetings and Earn AAdvantage Miles

I’ve never been a fan of conference calls, they’re usually boring and last much longer than they should, but I’ll admit conference calls are useful.

I’d rather speak one on one over the phone, or better yet, meet face to face and earn some miles, but now at least, it’s possible to earn AAdvantage Miles with conference calls and web meetings.

FreeConference offers toll-free dial-in number conferencing and desktop sharing services and they’ve got a loyalty program that allows you earn points that you can exchange for AAdvantage Miles:

With the FreeConference Loyalty Rewards Program, you’ll earn one airline mile for every dollar you spend. The FreeConference Loyalty Rewards Program automatically gives you airline miles, for a service you’ve already been using. You can accrue miles when you use our Premium 800 service, or any of the FreeConference Select features such as Recording or SharePlus Desktop Sharing. Conduct your business with FreeConference as usual and watch how fast your miles accumulate!


They also offer miles with Delta (who cares) and United. Here’s a brief explanation from their website of how it works:

First, enroll in the FreeConference Loyalty Rewards program.

Accumulated miles will be tracked automatically for each dollar you spend.

Each reward is set at $200 of spend ($200 spent is equal to 200 airline miles).

You’ll be sent a receipt for each purchase, and a notification email each time you cross an award threshold.

Your accrued miles will be deposited to your designated airline account within four weeks.

They even offer Facebook integration, which is really cool. I’ve been using GoToMeeting for the screensharing and conference calls, but plan to give FreeConference a try. They don’t require any contracts, it’s a pay as you go service, so I’ve got nothing to lose.  I’ll let you know how it works out.  Go here for more information.

Now I just wish someone would invent a way to earn miles for watching Powerpoint presentations.

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